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iPad Mini 3 Prices in Bangkok

iPad Mini 3 Prices In Bangkok

How much aoes an ipad mini 3 cost in Bangkok



As of the 1st August 2015, the Apple iPad mini 3 in Bangkok can be purchased between 13,400 Baht and 23,900 baht depending on which version you go for. The iPad mini 3 costs 13,400 for the wi-fi only 16Gb version whereas the 128 Gb 3G version is 23,900.

You can buy the ipad mini 3 in Bangkok at most department stores and at various iStudio stores dotted around Bangkok but most large malls have an iStudio so as long as you go to somewhere like Siam Paragon, Central World, Emporium etc, you'll be able to pick one up.

prices for the iPad mini 3 in Bangkok

How do these prices compare with back home ? Well, let's do a quick comparison.

The iPad mini 3 16Gb only in the UK is £319.00 which equals 17,425 Baht, a 4,000 Baht increase
The iPad mini 3 16Gb only in the USA is $399.00 which equals 13,951 Baht a 500 Baht increase
TheiPad mini 3 16Gb only in India is 28,900 Rupees which is just over 15,792 Baht a 2,300 Baht increase

Let's now knock off the 7% VAT that Thailand charges of the iPad mini 3, which comes to 938 Baht for the 16 Gb wi-fi only and that brings the price of the iPad mini 3 in Bangkok down to 12,462 Baht

Assuming you get the 7% VAT off in Thailand and it looks like everyone will make a saving by buying the iPad mini 3 in Bangkok.

The savings for the iPad mini 3 128 Gb 3G (cellular) will be even greater and so assuming the warranty is world wide, it makes for a good buy, especially for anyone from the UK who end up making a saving of nearly £100 !!

iPad 3 mini prices in Thailand

Why Else Can I Buy The iPad Mini 3 in Bangkok?

You can probably pick up the new iPad mini 3 from a number of shops in Bangkok but one good option, especially if you enjoy bargaining, is MBK or Mahboonkrong (same place, different names).

MBK has loads of stalls selling mobile phones game consoles, pirated games and software and Apple products - to name just a tiny handful of items sold.

If you want to look for the best price on your iPad mini 3 in Bangkok, then MBK is the place to go but how much of a bargain you can get is anyone's guess, but don't expect miracles. Apple is strict on its pricing policies and so there might not be room for a big discount. But it's worth a try.

Buying the iPad mini 3 from the Bangkok airport might be a good option because the VAT will be easily taken off rather than having to go through paperwork at the shops.

Duty free shopping at Bangkok Airport is a reasonable option but you might not find the exact version of the iPad mini 3 that you are looking for and you'll either end up buying a version you don't want, or you'll not get one at all and then it's too late.

Duty Free Shopping in Thailand isn't always a cheap option. It's often an expensive option as it seems to be set up for people spending the last of their holiday money before returning home....


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