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Apple MacBook Pro Prices Bangkok

Apple MacBook Pro Prices - Bangkok

Apple Macbook Pro prices in Bangkok, Thailand

The price of the Apple MacBook Pro in Bangkok will not vary very much from shop to shop due to the standard pricing imposed by Apple. The "only" place you might get a bit of a discount will be MBK where you might find some small, privately owned stalls selling imports from Hong Kong but the savings will be small....if any.

As with most electrical items, the difference in price that you'll pay for a MacBook Pro in Bangkok or elsewhere in Thailand, will be the difference in VAT which in Thailand, stands at 7%.

You can of course claim the VAT back when you leave Thailand and so you can recover that extra 7%.

Apple Macbook Pro prices in Bangkok, Thailand

Prices for the Apple MacBook Pro start at 39,900 Baht for the 13" version and the 15" starts at 59,900 Baht but prices can soar depending on how you spec them up.

Prices for the Apple MacBook Pro with retina display start at 72,900 Baht. If you bump up the processor, memory and storage, this can go to 126,060 Baht

You can buy your Apple MacBook from either the official Apple stores or from places like iStudio which have stores in most well known shopping malls such as Central World Plaza and Siam Paragon.

iphone 5 price in Bangkok

Issues With Buying An Apple MacBook Pro in Thailand

Due to Apple's International warranty, your MacBook Pro will be covered if it fails or develops a fault when you get it home, so there is little to worry about if buying one in Bangkok.

The main issue would be whether it is set up for the English language by default and the keyboard which is most likley going to have a Thai keyboard although Thai characters will sit next to English language characters, albeit in the US layout.

The Thai electrical system follows that found in Europe so you might need to buy an adaptor plug or change the charger to suit your country's electrical outlets (see below).

two pin plugs used in Thailand 3 pin plug used in Thailand
Standard 2 pin plug types as used in Thailand 3 pin electrical plug as used in Thailand

Apple Scams In Thailand

As far as we know, there are no scams concerning Apple products and certainly none about Apple MacBooks. However, we do suggest that you buy from a recognised retailer - preferably an Apple or iStudio outlet or from the electrical department of a major department store such as Siam Paragon, Central World, Emporium and so on.

If you do have a dying urge to save every single Baht you can, then make sure they open the box in front of you and make sure all contents are inside the box.

The small stalls in MBK might be selling them and if they are it's quite likely they come from Hong Kong.

Buying A MacBook Pro At Bangkok Airport ?

If you are thinking of buying your Apple MacBook from Bangkok's International Airport then we would suggest you don't because prices are not particularly cheap, stock is not always available and they might not have the spec you want.

We recommend you either buy from an Apple store, an iStudio store or department store, but if you really must get it duty free, then consider going to the Duty Free mall next to The Pullman Hotel.

This complete Bangkok duty free shopping experience is almost like being at the airport with everything on display but without being able to take it away with you. all you can do is buy the item and then pick it up at the airport - thus ensuring you get the item you want.

Look out for iStudio and official Apple Stores

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