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Bangkok Nightlife | What To Do At Night In Bangkok

Bangkok Nightlife

Bangkok Nightlife Is famous world over for the more raunchy side of things but apart from the Bangkok Go Go bars and massage parlours, Bangkok has plenty to offer those looking for more than just a night with working girls.

There are now plenty of modern night clubs with great sound systems and visiting DJs. There are live music venues or restaurants that offer the chance to grab some excellent food, enjoy a drink and listen to a local band sing cover songs..

If you prefer to find something to remind you of home, then you might want to try some of the Irish bars like O'Reilly's on Silom, or an English pub like The Duke Of Wellington just a bit higher up.

Types Of Nightlife Entertainment

Bangkok Go Go Bars

Let's start with the most commonly visited of all Bangkok's nightlife venues: Go Go bars.

There are three main venues for Go Go bars in Bangkok.
  • Patpong - Silom Road
  • Soi Cowboy - Sukhumvit 22
  • Nana Plaza - Sukhumvit 4

Night Clubs

Night clubs in Bangkok open and close with shocking regularity and this is often down to the fact that Thais love to go to and be seen at the next and best places in town. If a club is top one week and a new venue opens the next, then it's all change as everyone heads off to the new place.

Some of theses clubs charge an entrance fee and drinks are expensive. Many people go to other venues first, get tanked up on cheaper booze and then head to the clubs for the music and to hook up with members of the opposite sex.

Night clubs like to sell fancy and colourful cocktails - beer is available but cocktails or what you need to be seen drinking. Many of the bars like the neon / ultraviolet lighting look and it's all supposed to be chic and "hi so"

TFreelance prostitutes go to these venues as do university students looking to get off with a tourist. If hooking up with a girl, make sure you know whether they are with you because they like you, or because they expect money from you. It's not easy to figure out until they hit you for a payment.

Some well known clubs in town are:

  • Bed Supper Club - Sukhumvit 11 - university students / 20 somethings
  • Q Bar - Sukhumvit 11 - all ages
  • Hu'u Bar - Ascott Apartments, Sathorn - Indian youth
  • Spice Club - Sukhumvit 11 - all ages
  • Toxic - Sukhumvit 18 - all ages

There are many more clubs to choose from and we'll be bringing you a comprehensive list soon.

It's worth noting that a number of these bars have been, and still are, subject to the occasional police raid whereby they shut the doors, turn the lights on and make people give urine tests in order to look for drugs such as cocaine, ecstacy and Ya Baa (an amphetamine). It doesn't happen often but most people we know who go there have been involved in a raid at some point or other. Don't let this put you off though as this is getting less frequent than before..

Bangkok Pub / Restaurants

For a more relaxed pace and yet still a good place to go at night is a pub / restaurant. This is a place where you can go to eat, drink and listen to live music. It's not really a restaurant by western standards so don't think it's going to be a boring place to go.

Pub / restaurants are very popular with Thais and something that visitors don't often get to see but we think they offer great value for money and good entertainment.

This is a great place to go with friends or family or even on a date but it's not a good place to go to meet people as you will be sitting at a table rather than mingling as you might at a club.

Some Bangkok pub / restaurants worth mentioning are:
  • Good View - Rama 3 area
  • Urban - Suan Plu
  • Buri Tara Bar - Rama 3
  • Bangkok Bar - Kao San Road
  • Tum Yum Kung - Kao San Road

Night Clubs

Bangkok night clubs are where people go to dance and listen to the latest western and Thai songs. Very often there are well known DJs and even bands.
Most have an entrance fee but it's quite usualto get a drink or two included with that fee.

Some of the best night clubs at the moment are:
  • Route 66 - RCA
  • Hollywood - Ratchadapisek
  • Toys - RCA
  • Slim - RCA
  • Curve - Ekkamai
  • Funky Villa - Ekkamai

If you want to wander around and choose from various places, then head off to RCA which is located at lower end of Petchburi road. RCA is a large area made up of bars, clubs and night clubs and has swarms of young Thais having a good time. Foreigners are welcome but it's geared towards Thais and not tourists.

Ratchadapisek is another area where there are a good number of night clubs. They can be very large and as a westerner you might feel a bit out of place not knowing what to do or how to order your drinks.

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