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Banks in Bangkok

There are many banks in Bangkok and finding one is never really a problem, especially if you stick around the tourist areas of Bangkok or Thailand.

Obviously, most Bangkok banks have branches in the business district but most shopping malls in Bangkok and Thailand have outlets for a good number of the Banks available.

Some Thailand banks are more popular than others but the more popular banks are now quite modern and aim very much to please. Service is generally efficient and quick; something that was not apparent 15 or 20 years ago.

Exchanging Money At Banks In Thailand

Almost all banks these days have the facility to exchange money; either in the form of cash or travellers cheques. Rates for exchanging money are updated quite frequently but it is possible to get better deals at different banks and so if you are looking to exchange a lot of money, shop around first.

If you are going to change a lot of money, either into Thai Baht or from Thai Baht, then we highly recommend not going to a bank at all. If you want the best exchange rates, go to Super Rich Money Exchangers which can be found down the left hand side of Big C which is opposite Isetan, which is part of Central World Plaza

If you're not sure what Thai money looks like, visit our Currency Of Thailand page

Most Popular Banks In Thailand

The most popular banks in Thailand are (but in no particular order):

Bangkok Bank, Thailand Bangkok Bank

Kasikorn bank Kasikorn Bank

Siam Commercial Bank Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)

Krung Thai Bank Krung Thai Bank

There are many more banks than this, but the ones above are the most popular.

Citi Bank and HSBC also have a few branches in Thailand. HSBCs head branch is on Rama 4 road, almost next to The Dusit Thani hotel

Getting A Thai Credit Card

It is possible to get a credit card in Bangkok but you need to be living and working in Thailand with a current work permit and, we think, X amount of money in the bank. We don't have all the details but it is possible.

Best Place To Find A Bank In Bangkok

We do most of our banking at Siam Paragon as the first (ground) floor has most of the banks that we use and they are open every day of the week. If Siam Paragon is too far away, then Silom has all the major banks all within easy walking distance of each other.

Central World, MBK, Central Chidlom all have a number of bank outlets and so it's never going to be a problem finding one.

ATM / Cash Machines

ATM machines are pretty much everywhere and many, if not all, allow for withdrawals from overseas credit cards, so if you don't have a Thai bank account and an ATM card to go with it, it's possible to use your flexible friend - your credit card.

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