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Canon 5D MK II Prices Bangkok

The Canon 5D Mark II prices in Bangkok are like the prices of other cameras in Bangkok in so much that the prices in Bangkok don't differ that much from other countries. The Canon 5D is a 21.1 mega pixel, full frame camera.

A guide price for the Canon 5D Mark II is 67,900 Baht and that is for body only. If you prefer the 24-105 lens, the price is 104,000 Baht both prices are from Foto File

The price above is correct as of 04.03.2012 so if you are reading this a few months after that date, please check for the latest prices.

Good reviews about the Canon 5D Mark II can be read at DPReview and if you want to compare prices in the USA or the UK, then you can visit Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.

Canon 5d front view
Canon 5d back view

In case you didn't know, the Mark II has been superceded by the Mark III but The Canon 5D Mark II comes with a 79% rating from dpreview - a very high score indeed although you'd expect a good review for a camera that comes in at 1,500 Pounds or 2,199 US Dollars. 67,900 Baht equals 1,400 UK pounds or 2,200 US Dollars.

Considering the VAT in the UK is 20%, that actually makes the camera more expensive in Thailand and 100 dollars more than in the USA

VAT in Thailand stands at 7% so take that from the price of the camera and you'll get the price you'll pay. So, less Thai VAT, the Canon 5d Mark II comes in at 1,300 pounds or 2,150 US dollars (or there abouts).

There is very little difference even with VAT taken off and so you might be better off looking at duty free in your own country. Maybe buy it at the airport before leaving your country.

We've been told by a number of vendors in Bangkok and Thailand, that there is not much money to be made selling cameras. The mark up on prices is small and so haggling will not see you make much in the way of a saving. The "best" thing to do is ask for items to be thrown in, such as a free memory card, tri-pod (it'll be cheap and no good for the Canon, but decent enough for a point and shoot), maybe some cleaning fluid and so on. Much of these is given to the camera shop free anyway.

If you'd like to buy the Canon 5D Mark II in Thailand, then we suggest buying it in Bangkok by going to MBK and looking for camera shops such as Foto File, Foto Thailand, Big Pro Camera and the main Canon store on the 5th floor..

You could also try Pantip Plaza or Fortune Tower.

You will almost certainly not get ripped off or end up with a bogus version if you shop at larger shops within MBK and Pantip Plaza. Smaller stalls might sell the camera at a lower price but check the contents of the box and be sure to witness them opening the box in front of you. Check and test the camera before hading over your money.

Warranties are often international warranties, but be sure to check.

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