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Canon Cameras Bangkok

There are plenty of Canon camera shops to be found in Bangkok although there is only one specialist shop that we are aware of and that is on the 5th floor of MBK.
We will assume that you are after Canon digital cameras and not their printers and so we'll focus on that issue and where to find the best dealers.

Canon has produced some of the best and most sought after entry level digital SLR cameras as well as excellent quality Point and Shoot digital cameras and because of their success, it is possible to find the popular models on sale in almost all electrical departments within almost all of Bangkok's shopping malls. The ubiqitous Canon 400D and 450D cameras are on sale everywhere and it's just a case of finding the right price.

A visit to MBK will present you with a multitude of camera shops, either specialist shops or small stalls selling a variety of electrical goods, and all will sell the popular Canon brands. You can also find Canon at Pantip Plaza and Fortune Town Arcade.


Point and Shoots or Digital SLR ?

Canon is probably the most popular brand for digital point and shoot cameras. They tend to make the best cameras for this purpose and the prices are very reasonable for what you get. A point and shoot digital camera is great for portability and nowadays, the image quality can be exceptional although much of this is down to lighting conditions; if the sun is out and the sky is blue, photos can be excellent.
Buying a simple point and shoot Canon camera in Bangkok is easy. There's no need to search high and low as camera shops are everywhere; from department stores to small stalls. Almost every single indoor shopping mall has at least two or three shops selling compact digital cameras and with Canon being one of the best selling digital camera brands, they all sell at least a few Canon cameras.

The Point and Shoot camera is great for parties, taking on holiday for snap shots and for just having handy in case you wish to grab a shot of someone or something whereas an SLR is much larger is is better for posed shots or photographs you have time to compose and set up the camera and with this in mind, the SLR cameras have better sensors, lenses and functionality which needs some understanding. Point and Shoot compact cameras come with a number of pre-sets which enable you to turn a dial and the camera sets itself to a given set of lighting conditions. Most Point and Shoot cameras come with a built in flash and standard zoom and digital zoom as well Live View ( which allows you to see the image you wish to take via the LCD screen at the back.

Newer compact digital cameras come with features such as image stabilisation to reduce shake, face recognition and even smile recognition and the camera frames those areas and focuses in on them.

SLR digital cameras do not come with these features as a rule. Live view is making an appearance but apart from image stabilisation, SLR cameras rely on your skill rather than a mulititude of pre sets.

Some Canon Camera Prices ( As of November 2008 )...

This is a small list to give you some ideas, but if you can't see the one you are really after, send us a request and we'll find the price for you, alternatively, check out Digital Camera Prices here

Canon IXUS 970 IS Canon IXUS 970 IS
Can be purchased for: 14,490 Baht
Canon Powershot A470 Canon Powershot A470
Can be purchased for: 3,790 Baht
Canon Powershot SD1100 IS - (Move your mouse over the image)
Can be purchased from Amazon.com
Canon PowerShot E1 IS Canon PowerShot E1 IS
Can be purchased for: 7,999 Baht
Canon Powershot A590 IS Canon Powershot A590 IS
Can be purchased for: 7,490 Baht
Canon EOS 1000D Canon EOS 1000D
Can be purchased for: 22,490 Baht
Canon EOS 40D + Lens 17-85 IS Canon EOS 40D + Lens 17-85 IS
Can be purchased for: 46,900 Baht
Canon EOS 450D (EF-S 18-55IS Kit) Canon EOS 450D (EF-S 18-55IS Kit)
Can be purchased for 25,900 Baht

Canon Dealers In Bangkok

  • EASTBOURNE SIAM PARAGON 4th FLOOR Bangkok 02-610-9866
  • IT CITY SIAM PARAGON 4th FLOOR Bangkok 0-2610-9866
  • BIG CAMERA, MBK 4th FLOOR Bangkok 0-2686-3503
  • FOTIFILE -FOTO THAILAND- MBK, 3rd FLOOR Bangkok 0-2620-9508,0-2620-9509
  • FOTOFILE -FOTOFILE - MBK, 1st FLOOR Bangkok 0-2620-9200,0-2620-9410
  • POWERBUY - MBK Bangkok 0-2611-5638

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