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Central World Plaza Bangkok

Central World Plaza Bangkok is a huge shopping mall in the center of Bangkok. Described as having 500 shops and 90 restaurants, Central World Shopping Plaza is one of the largest malls in Thailand and comprises two department stores, Zen and Isetan, and the main shopping mall.

Previously known at The World Trade Center, it was closed down, gutted, expanded and modernised. It now houses ultra modern movie theatres, hundreds of shops and restaurants and is very popular with locals and tourists alike.

In 2010, Bangkok riots saw part of Central World Plaza burn down but it has been rebuilt and is back to its former glory - some say it's even better than before.

Central World Plaza is one of those malls where it's difficult to find your way around. There are so many corners and levels that finding your way back to the same place seems nigh on impossible. Security guards wander around and you can ask for directions if you know where you are going, but it takes some getting used to.

There are plenty of lifts and escalators to have keep the traffic flowing and attempts have been made to provide some signage to help you get around, but even seasoned regulars find getting around a little confusing.

Don't let that put you off though, this excellent mall is home to many of the shops that tourists and visitors to Bangkok favour such as Jim Thompson and Naraya and some world favourites such as Timberland, The North Face and Adidas where savings can be made.

The floors of Central World Plaza in Bangkok are separated by shop types, so that electrical shops are on one floor, clothing and fashion on one or two floors and so on. The top two are dedicated almost entirely to restaurants where you can find fine Japanese restaurants, Thai and Chinese restaurants as well as western fair and some fast food favourites such as McDonalds, KFC, MOS Burger as well as Swensens, Dairy Queen and The Cream & Fudge Factory.

Front entrance to Central World Shopping Plaza in Bangkok. 500 shops and 90 restaurants

Mon- Sun 10 am - 10 pm
Get off at Siam and walk along the elevated footpath (Skywalk).
999/9 Ratchadamri Rd,Bangkok 10330 Thailand
Credit Cards
All Major cards accepted
Discounts in most shops so shops around. Tourist card with 5% discount + 7% VAT refund
Huge number of shops, Two departments stores, cinecomplex and plenty of restaurants.
Take a compass, satellite phone and a tent. You might never find your way out.
Places Nearby:
Siam Centre, Siam Discovery, Siam Square, Siam Paragon, Pantip Plaza, MBK



Scattered around are plenty of coffee shops where you can sit back and rest your feet whilst preparing for another shopping onslaught.

The only reason to choose to shop at Central World Plaza over any of the other shopping malls is choice. The shops are very similar but not as up market as say The Emporium or Siam Paragon. However, there are larger numbers of shops catering to fashion and clothing and so it might be in this area that you can find something different.

As for restaurants, furniture and electrical goods, it's no better than any of the others; just larger.

Momo restaurant on the top floor

Central Card provides for discounts of 5% as well as 7% VAT refunds
The Central Card can be used at Central World, Zen and other Central Stores such as Central Chidlom with this card you can then receive 5% discount on all items sold within the department stores owned and run by the Central group. However, if an item is already part of a sale, the discount card will not provide you with a further 5%.
It is not a discount card for all the shops within the mall of Central World.
Bangkok shops are always offering discounts and sales. There is no season for these sales and so the Central Discount Card, although beneficial, it isn't always necessary as you probably save more by buying in the sales.

Places To Eat

Rather than give you a list of places to eat, it's safer to tell you that there are many, many places to eat within Central World.

Most of the restaurants are on the upper levels with almost two floors dedicated to the culinary arts. The range of food types is wide too, so no matter what your taste, you'll find something that grabs your fancy with western food, Chinese, Thai and Japanese all readily available.

Kids Food

If you are with kids then there are plenty of well known brands such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut and a number of others but we'd recommend going to MOS Burger which is a Japanese burger bar serving up some very tasty and super fresh burgers. If McDonalds isn't where you like to take your kids but they simply must have familiar food, then MOS burger will hit the spot.

Heiroku Sushi restaurant at Central World Plaza in Bangkok


open and relaxed dining at Central World Shopping Complex in the heart of Bangkok
Enjoy casual and relaxed dining at one of the many restaurants at Central World

Central Supermarket, top floor of Central World Shopping Mall in the heart of Bangkok

Hotels near Central World Plaza

Centara Hotel in Bangkok
Star Rating 5
Average Rate $89
Comments Part of Central World Plaza. An Excellent location for all of Bangkok
Book Hotel Book The Centara Here
Grand Hyatt Hotel
Star Rating 5
Average Rate $263
Comments Next to Central World Plaza. No more than a 3 minute walk. Connected via Skywalk bridge
Book Hotel Book The Grand Hyatt Here
Intercontinental Hotel in Bangkok
Star Rating 5
Average Rate $207
Comments Close to Central World Plaza. No more than a 5 minute walk. Close to BTS station
Book Hotel Book The Intercontinental Here
The Four Seasons Hotel in Bangkok
Star Rating 5
Average Rate $205
Comments No more than a 5 minute walk. Close to BTS station and next to Grand Hyatt. A good Location
Book Hotel Book The Four Seasons Here
Arnoma Hotel in Bangkok
Star Rating 4
Average Rate $104
Comments Directly Opposite Central World Plaza. Footbridge over the road. 3 minute walk. Good location
Book Hotel Book The Arnoma Here
Amari Watergate Hotel in Bangkok
Star Rating 5
Average Rate $74
Comments Just around the corner from Central World Plaza. 5 minute walk. Close to Pantip Plaza
Book Hotel Book The Amari Watergate Here
Aphrodite Hotel in Bangkok
Star Rating 3.5
Average Rate $65
Comments 24 room hotel opposite Central World Plaza. No more than 3 minutes walk.
Book Hotel Book The Aphrodite Here
Grand Diamond Pratunam Hotel in Bangkok
Star Rating 4
Average Rate $59
Comments Around the corner from Central World and opposite The Amari Watergate, This hotel is a 5 minutes walk.
Book Hotel Book The Grand Diamond Here

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