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Clothing Alterations Bangkok

Where To Repair Clothes in Bangkok

We saw a question or two from a number of people asking about where they could repairs clothes in Bangkok and so we thought it would make for a good, short article.

If you have some item(s) of clothing that need repairing, widening or shortening, then there are a number of options you can choose from.

If you bought the items from a department store such as Central Chidlom, then you can ask them to make the alterations for you; at no extra cost. This is particularly common when buying jeans or skirts.

If you didn't buy the clothes from a department store, or, if you did but left without asking for an alteration, you'll have to go elsewhere as they are unlikely (without a receipt anyway) to provide that service if you return later.

If you walk around Bangkok, you'll often notice people sitting on the side of the street with just a sewing machine. They will make the alterations for you for a very small fee and will most likely do it whilst you wait. We know for sure there are a few people doing this on Khao Sarn road.

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