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Dentists in Bangkok | Dental treatment in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok dental treatment is something many people coming to Bangkok choose to have when they get here.. Whereas we understand that your primary reason for coming to Bangkok is to do some sight seeing, shopping and general relaxing and that sitting in a dentist's chair isn't your primary concern, getting some dental treatment in Bangkok could be worth considering if you know something needs doing and you can't get it done on your insurance or national health.

There are many dentists and dental clinics in Bangkok. Some are part of hospitals, some are small dentist clinics and some are much larger dental clinics offering rather luxurious dental treatment and over 40 dentists. It's quite a big business in Thailand these days and many more people can be seen following the USA standard of having braces.

You can do a simple search on the Internet for information about dentists, dental clinics or orthodontics in Bangkok and you will get a decent list of places offering their services but it's not so easy knowing where to go, so let us give you some information:

A Guide to Dental Clinics in Bangkok

Example: We recently had a filling come out and knew it needed to be re-done and so we went to Mission Hospital as it has a very good reputation and has reasonable prices.
We had been told before that there was a possibility of root canal treatment and this was repeated for this particular incident. My tooth was made tidy, a temporary filling provided and a full teeth cleaning provided. The cost came to:
  • Cleaning - 980 Baht
  • Temporary Filling - 550 Baht
The root canal treatment was booked with specialist for the following week and it was a very decent experience. The costs for this treatment was
  • First visit - 5,050 Baht
  • Second visit - 1,500 Baht
We speak Thai and had a good chat with the specialist who said that Mission hospital was one of the few places that had all the necessary dental equipment needed for all types of dental work. It was also pointed out to us that going to somewhere like Bumrungrad hospital for the same treatment would have nearly doubled the price. We can also confirm this to be correct.

Recommendations about using dental clinics in Bangkok

We've been to a number of different dental clinics in Bangkok including BNH hospital and small privately owned clinics but we return to Mission Hospital as it seems to give the best service and at very reasonable prices. You can visit their web site: Mission Hospital
We can recommend:Supavadee Treesolvat but she is a specialist in root canal treatment.

Get an opinion from home first

If you know or think you need dental treatment, find out what needs doing before coming to Bangkok. This way you can turn up at the Bangkok dental clinic knowing what needs to be done and thus avoiding any surprises. We offer this advice because it is possible that if you were to go for a general check up, you could end up being told you need 5 + fillings when you really only need a clean.

Private clinics in Bangkok make money by providing treatment and if you don't need any, they don't make much money and os it's best to go knowing what needs doing and this way getting your teeth fixed in Bangkok might be a very costs effect means of dental treatment and compares very favourably with these costs we found on an Internet site for a UK based dental clinic:

Endodontics ( root canal ) treatment costs are based on time and complexity:

  • Consultation appointment £75 - £150
  • Teeth with one canal £400 - £600
  • Teeth with two canals £450 - £675
  • Teeth with three or more canals £700 - £925
Our case was a 2 canal tooth and so the total treatment would have come to around 750 - 800 UK Pounds, probably more. This equates to 44,000 Baht. We paid a total of 7,500 Baht for the entire treatment and we are very happy with the results considering we needed extra anesthetics ( due to our being in some 5% of the population that needs extra to numb the pain - no extra cost for this ) and our root canals were not straight and were difficult to complete.

All in all, for the price of the same dental treatment in the UK, you could actually buy a round trip ticket to Bangkok and have the same treatment.

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