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Golf Equipment In Bangkok - Shops, Stores, Driving Ranges

Golf Shops Bangkok

Golf products and golf equipment in Bangkok, Thailand

Golf is fast becoming a national past time in Thailand. Those who can afford it and often those who can't, are all jumping on the golf band wagon and so finding golf equipment in Bangkok is easy.

Golf in Thailand is very much a status symbol. If you play golf it shows you can afford to play golf; not only financially, but in time too.

You'll often see cars with carefully placed golf caps / hats in the back window displaying high end brand names such as Ping, Callaway and Cleveland.

Bangkok itself has a good number of golf driving ranges and an expensive golf course in the center of Bangkok but if you head East, towards Pattaya, you can find some of the best golf courses in Asia.

Where to buy golf equipment in Bangkok

Every Bangkok department store and shopping mall has dedicated golf shops or golf sections within their sports section but if you really want choice at your finger tips, the place to go is Thaniya Plaza just of Silom road. This is a four story building dedicated almost entirely to golf. There are other shops such as tailors, Japanese restaurants and one or two book shops, but it's 80% golf.

On entering Thaniya Plaza, which is just off Silom Road on Soi Thaniya ( Soi is a Thai term for street or side road ), you will have no trouble seeing your first golf shop and wherever you walk or go within Thaniya Plaza, you will only be one or two shops away from your next golf shop, many of which have a test drive range where you can test drivers, woods or putting irons.

There are so many golf shops selling golf equipment in Bangkok that you can certainly find the brand and item you are looking for.

Thaniya Plaza Bangkok MacDonald Golf Shop at Thaniya Plaza
Thaniya Plaza for Golf Shops in Bangkok MacDonald golf shop at Thaniya Plaza
Exim Golf Shop at Thaniya Plaza Nike Golf
Exim Golf Nike Golf
Iron Fox Golf Shoes Transview Golf Shop
Iron Fox for Golf Shoes / MST Golf For equipment Transview Golf. Crammed full of golf equipment

The golf equipment in Bangkok ranges from brand new to second hand and you can find both at Thaniya Plaza as well as specialist shops dedicated to selling particular items such as golf shoes found at Iron Fox or just golf clubs as found at Beam's Golf

As with almost all shopping malls, any free space is usually occupied by small stalls selling anything and everything and Thaniya Plaza is no different, but for golfers, there are two largish stalls on the second and third floors which sell cheap golf balls.

Map To Thaniya Plaza And Golf Shops

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