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HTC One Max price in Bangkok

HTC One Max Prices In Bangkok

HTC One Max prices in Bangkok
HTC One Max prices in Thailand

The price of the HTC One Max in Bangkok and Thailand is roughly 23,690 Baht . This includes the 7% VAT and this price is correct as of the 29th March 2015.

If you reclaim the VAT when you leave the country, this will reduce the amount to about 21,800 Baht or about £450.00 or $670.00. Convert to your currency here

the UK price for the HTC One Max is £599.99 and in the USA it's about $525 for the 32 Gb version and unlocked.

HTC One Max prices in Thailand

Thailand would normally be a good place to buy a mobile phone - as long as it was unlocked and had an international warranty, but the HTC One Max price in Bangkok and Thailand seems to be more expensive if coming from the USA but an absolute bargain if coming from the UK.

If you are coming to Bangkok or Thailand and were thinking of waiting to buy the HTC One Max when you arrive, then we suggest you only do so if the price is cheaper than your own country. But, as always, check the warranty. We believe that the warranty is only good for the country from where it was purchased but it might be possible to extend the warranty.

Where Can I Buy The HTC One Max in Bangkok?

When buying a mobile phone, head off to MBK to buy your HTC One Max. MBK is probably the best place to buy a mobile phone in Bangkok and most phone models can be found - either new or used. We can't provide any specific shops because there are so many but take a good wander around to get the best prices.

Central World Plaza, which is not far from MBK, also has a number of mobile phone shops but you'll probably get the "best price" in MBK as there are smaller stalls where you can haggle over the price a bit more.

These are not the only malls to sell mobile phones and the HTC One Max. You will find mobile phone shops or stalls in most, if not all, major shopping malls in Bangkok but MBK stands head and shoulders above the rest for choice.

where to buy the htc one max in Bangkok

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