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Ipad Air Prices In Bangkok

iPad Air Prices In Bangkok

The price of the iPad Air in Bangkok has now been revealed and the new Apple iPad Air is available in Bangkok and Thailand.

You will be able to buy the iPad Air from the Thailand Apple store or from the iStudio chain of shops in places like Central World Plaza or Siam Paragon - to name just two places

Prices for the iPad Air in Thailand start at 13,400 Baht and go up to 19,700 for the 32Gb celluar model .

The cost of an Apple iPad Air in Bangkok will be the same as the rest of Thailand but with no official prices having yet been released, we will have to refer to other countries to get a guide price.

The iPad Air comes in 4 flavours - yes 4. There is now a 128 Gb version whereas other iPads stopped at 64 Gb.

The following table shows the price of iPad Air in Thailand as of the 16th November 2013.

Wi-Fi Only
16 Gb
32 Gb
64 Gb
128 Gb


You can, as mentioned, buy your iPad Air from iStudio shops or from the Apple on-line store at http://store.apple.com/th/buy-ipad/ipad-air

The iPad Air is supposed to be 20% thinner, weigh less than half a kilo, have a retina display, have a fast A7 chip and have an excellent battery life, but is it enough to make iPad owners rush out and buy a new one ? Personally, I'm more than happy with my iPad mini and the retina display I have on my MacBook Pro doesn't seem that great.

With the cost of an iPad mini being 9,900 Baht, I have my doubts that the novelty of becoming an iPad Air owner for 16,900 Baht will be enough to attract the masses.

An iPad Air might be nice and thin but functionality-wise, we can't see what the extra 7,000 Baht is going to give you and, anyone who uses an iPad mini seems to think that a normal sized iPad feels quite big and cumbersome - each to their own.


ipad air prices in Bangkok

Problems With Buying An iPad Air in Bangkok

I would say there are few issues with buying an Apple product in Bangkok as Apple's come with International warranties.

The only "issues" would be the plug that comes with it and the manual which could be in Thai. Other than that, you should be safe buying from Bangkok.

two pin plugs used in Thailand 3 pin plug used in Thailand
Standard 2 pin plug types as used in Thailand 3 pin electrical plug as used in Thailand

the iPad Air will be released in Bangkok on the 15th November

Where Can I Buy an iPad Air in Bangkok ? When it is officially released, there are a number of of Apple related outlets in Bangkok. Most can be found within the department stores and malls such as:

Look out for iStudio and official Apple Stores

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