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iPad Mini Prices bangkok

iPad mini Prices - Bangkok

ipad mini prices in Bangkok

iPad mini Prices in Bangkok are similar to other countries with VAT (7% in Thailand) being the difference.

The iPad mini can be purchased at MBK, iStores or Apple stores such as Thailand Apple store

The iPad mini comes with a 7.9 inch display, ultrafast wi-fi and two cameras.

For those not needing all the new bells and whistles, the iPad 2 is now cheaper.

We bought an iPad mini because of the price so we now have an original iPad and an iPad mini and the original iPad now feels too big and cumbersome in the hand. The iPad mini fits nicely in two hands and allows for easy typing because it's small enough to allow for both thumbs to find any key on the board without over stretching. The screen is not too small for email or surfing the net and even playing games is decent enough.

the buttons for volume etc are slightly different and "merge" with the overall design so it is sleeker. Cameras work OK but they are nothing to write home about and they won't substitute a real camera but if you just want to catch snaps it'll do. Clarity of the screen is very good so no complaints there and battery life is good.

For those of you who don't yet own an iPad and who are not interested in the new speed, camera facilities or smaller display will find this an ideal opportunity to save some money on the iPad 2 or even the original iPad which must be dropping in price even more.

iPAD mini Prices
Wi-Fi Only
Wi-Fi + 3g

iPad mini Design

There is little to be said about the design of the iPad mini because it is identical to the larger iPads just a mini version. All the changes are to the functionality of the iPad and not to the design so don't expect to see any visual changes.

Where to buy an ipad mini in bangkok

Why Buy An iPad mini ?

We assume that the only reason to get an iPad mini is because it's cheaper than the full sized iPad and obviously smaller which makes it much easier to carry around and use "on the go". For those who like to use their iPad as a camera, the iPad mini makes this task all the easier.

It certainly looks like a nifty piece of kit and if we didn't already own an iPad (albeit the first generation one), we'd probably buy one.

iPAD 2 Prices
Wi-Fi Only
Wi-Fi + 3g

Where Can I Buy an iPad in Bangkok ? There are a number of of Apple related outlets in Bangkok. Most can be find within the department stores and malls such as:

Look out for iStudio and official Apple Stores

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