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iPhone 5 prices in Bangkok

iPhone 5 Prices - Bangkok

iphone 5 price in Bangkok

The price of the iPhone 5 in Bangkok is currently set at 22,900 baht which is roughly £450.00 or $750.00 in round figures. That's for the 16gb version. The 64gb version is 29,900 and the best part of £600.00 or $900+ dollars. This price is what you'd pay if getting it from the Apple store.!

iPhone 5 in Thailand will, undoubtedly sell like hot cakes because Thais love to have the latest and greatest and be able to show off to their friends.

Release date is usually a few months after US and European release dates so expect it to be around December or January.

If being bought in Hong Kong, the 16 Gb iPhone 5 will set you back 5,588 HKD which is about 720 US dollars but it'll be unlocked.

The iPhone 5 64 Gb iPhone 5 in the US is $399 for a 12 month contract with AT&T

So, if you are being charged 29,900 Baht or 900+ dollars, you'd better REALLY, REALLY want it and you'd better be sure it will work with your supplier back home.

The iPhone 5 is thinner, lighter, has a faster graphics chip and better ear buds and has the acclaimed retina display that makes everything look so much clearer.

There is LTE wireless networking connectivity with a reported download speed of 100 Mb per second and a better camera..HD and HD video.

However, Apple has dumped Google maps in favour of their own maps and this is proving...so far...to be a bit of a mistake because the maps don't work well and lack the features of Google maps.

iphone 5 price in Bangkok

Issues With Buying An iPhone in Thailand

There aren't many issues with buying the iPhone 5 in Bangkok because Apple has a universal warranty (except one or two countries) and so should it go wrong, you'll be able to get it fixed.

The main issue would be whether the phone is locked into the carrier or whether you buy an unlocked iPhone and can get a carrier to provide you with a service.

If the iphone 5 comes with a charger with a plug, then you'll possibly need and adaptor (see below) but if you are using USB, this won't be an issue.

two pin plugs used in Thailand 3 pin plug used in Thailand
Standard 2 pin plug types as used in Thailand 3 pin electrical plug as used in Thailand

iPhone 5 fakes

There a number of phones out there that are made to look like iPhones but I doubt you'll be sold one as an iPhone. They'll be sold to you for what they are and no-one will try to rip you off.

iphone 5 ear buds

Where Can I Buy an iPhone 5 in Bangkok ? When it is officially released, there are a number of of Apple related outlets in Bangkok. Most can be find within the department stores and malls such as:

Look out for iStudio and official Apple Stores

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