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iPhone 6 Prices In Bangkok

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The wait for the iphone 6 in Thailand is almost over. The new iPhone 6 will be released and become officially available in Bangkok and Thailand in October, 2014 with prices starting at 24,500 Baht for the 16Gb version and going up to 35,600 for the 128Gb iPhone 6 Plus.

These prices are based on contract prices through phone companies such as AIS, True Move and DTAC.

For anyone looking to buy one outright, gray market versions are available in MBK but these will be expensive. Expect to pay 30,000 ++ and without international warranty.

iphone 6 prices in Bangkok

So, October is when the iPhone 6 is available in Bangkok and Thailand but for anyone wondering about me - I already have one which I bought in the UK on the day it came out (two days ago) and I have it unlocked and working in Bangkok. I got it unlocked at MBK but I kept a very careful eye on it and chose a business I know and trust.

I paid £539 for the 16Gb Space Grey version. This is equal to 28,300 Baht but this includes 20% VAT
In the USA it costs $649 or 21,000 Baht - even with 20% VAT for UK, the US price is still 4,000 Baht cheaper than the UK !

Every Apple fan will will want the new iPhone purely because everyone who wants Apple, wants the latest and greatest and Thais love the latest gadgets - and showing them off on Facebook. However, is the new iPhone 6 really so great to warrant not sticking with the iPhone 5s ?

iphone 6 prices in Bangkok

Why Buy The iPhone 6 ?

Before you start saying: "Well you got one", let me tell you that this was a case of "needs must". My Samsung Galaxy S3 screen cracked on dropping it the other day. I was happy to live with that but then I had LCD bleed. One minute the screen was cracked but clear and usable, the next it was completely black and dead as a Dodo. So, without a phone, and the iPhone 6 available two days after I dropped my Samasung, I decided to take the plunge and go for Apple.

I'm not overly keen on Apple. I think it's all hype and expense but now that I've got an iPad, iMac and MacBook Pro, it made sense to sync them all together via iCloud and so I went for the iPhone 6. The clincher really was iCloud and having everything I work on synchronised nicely and easily accessible.

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Standard 2 pin plug types as used in Thailand 3 pin electrical plug as used in Thailand

What Is The iPhone 6 Like?

I found that the iPhone 6 is so very much like the Galaxy S3, S4 and S5 in shape and feel. It is certainly very slim and the rounded edges make it very sleek looking but the larger 4.7 inch screen now means that my small hands can't really use it comfortably with one hand. It is possible, but for the smaller person from Thailand, the larger size might not be ideal.

Sure, people want more real estate, and larger screens are in high demand but I find using my wife's Apple 5c so much easier to use with one hand. I get a firmer hold of the phone and I can reach all the icons with my thumb without worrying I'll lose a grip of the phone and drop it.

I can't say the same about the iPhone 6. Without the fingerprint recognition activated, I needed to enter a 4 digit code (which my Exchange email account demanded). On the iPhone 5 (and earlier) I could easily tap out the digits using one hand. Now, with the iPhone 6, any digit on the top line is just too far to reach without having the shift the phone in my hand.

OK, so this bit is overcome now by the finger print recognition also found in the 5s. I can firmly hold my phone and unlock it without worrying about dropping it. Now that the screen's unlocked, texting means a two handed approach. In fact, almost every use of the iPhone 6 needs two hands, especially if you have small hands.

Anyone using the iPhone 6 plus will undoubtedly need two hands but I don't think anyone really thought otherwise.

Speed-wise, the phone is very responsive and the fingerprint recognition works a treat. When scanning your finger (you can scan multiple fingers) the phone asks you to move it around a bit so that it can scan edges as well as the center bit. This means that you don't have to place your finger / thumb precisely over the sensor. it will easily read your finger even if it is placed at a slight angle - which it will be if using just one hand.

The finger print reader almost never asks to scan twice. It is very reliable and responsive but it is secure. I asked a number of people to try opening my phone with their fingers and none succeeded, but it opened immedaitely as soon as I placed my finger on it.

I have mentioned that the phone is fast and responsive but this is a brand new phone. No apps have been added, no music downloaded and no photos taken. It's bear bones with the exception of a few text messages and emails.

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Where Can I Buy an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in Bangkok ? When it is officially released, there are a number of of Apple related outlets in Bangkok. Most can be found within the department stores and malls such as:

Protect Your iPhone 6

As mentioned earlier, we dropped our Samsung Galaxy from a small height and is shattered the screen so I'm not going to do that again and to protect my new iPhone 6 in Bangkok I've invested in an Otterbox mobile phone case. I went for the Otterbox Defender which is a 3 piece case: a hard plastic shell for the back. A transparent cover for the front and then a solid rubberised surround mould which tightly seals the hard plastic case.

Otterbox Defender case for iphone6

The Otterbox is not cheap. It cost £40 in the UK so expect to pay around 2,000 Baht in Bangkok - if you can find it.

I mention the Otterbox because it is very well designed and comes with a belt clip which allows you to clip the phone into the case either face in or face out. If you place the phone face in, and you drop it, you're almost certainly going to be protected against all angle falls and all surface falls. If you have it face out (or not in the clip at all), you could still possibly end up with a cracked screen if the phones lands on the corner of a hard object.

The screen doesn't really effect the usage of the phone and the thin film covering the finger print button still works although it's not always as responsive.

Over-all, the Otterbox provides protection most cases found in Bangkok can't provide.

If you want one, send us a request at info @ thebangkokshoppingguide . com

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