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iPhone 6 Release Date in Bangkok

Apple iPhone 6 Release Date In Bangkok

iphone 5s price in Bangkok

For all of you who have just bought an iPhone 5s or 5c you'll be more than happy to learn that the iPhone 6 is going to be released this year.

Thailand is a huge Apple market and the wealth it now has means buyers are more than happy to fork out for the latest Apple gadgets and so the iPhone 6 will no doubt sell well in Bangkok and Thailand.

We were on the verge of buying an iPhone 5s but our DTAC insider told us to wait as the iPhone 6 is already on the books to be released.

The release date for the iPhone 6 in Bangkok is penciled in for the 4th quarter of 2014. If we assume it's a yearly cycle then the iPhone 6 will be on sale in December 2014.

We don't have much information for the iphone 6 as yet but we're being told to expect a bigger screen to bring it in competition with the Samsung which has a lovely large screen.

For anyone who hasn't yet compared the Samsung and the iPhone, you'll be surprised by how small (and dated looking) the iPhone is compared to the Samsung. That said, the iPhone is easier to handle in the hand and is faster than the Samsung S3 but the iPhone 6, with a larger screen, will make it more impressive looking.

Buying any new technology will mean it will be superceded shortly after its release but as most "s" version iphones are smaller upgrades than the full numbered phones (4, 5 etc), we can hope to see bigger improvements to the new iPhone 6.

When the iPhone 6 gets released in Bangkok or when we get more news about the official release date for the iPhone 6 in Bangkok, we'll be sure to let you know.

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