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Iphone Warranty Thailand - Is It International

iPhone 5s Thailand Warranty

iphone 5s price in Bangkok

We went to MBK recently to buy ourselves an iPhone 5s and to check the warranty for Thailand and whether it covers the rest of the world

It turns out that there are a few issues to consider here, not least the issue of Apple warranty on iphones when bought from Thailand.

To cut a long story short, Apple only provides a warranty on an iphone for the country from where it was purchased.

If you go to MBK, and in particular, the 4th floor of MBK where all the mobile phone shops can be found, you will see masses of iPhones and Samsung phones on sale. You can buy most generations of iPhone but currently, the iPhone 5s and 5c are the flavour of the day.

We approached a stall seller we trusted and asked about the price of a 16Gb iphone 5s and were told it was 24,000 baht (give or take a few baht here or there). This was for the black version. The other colours were slightly more expensive.

The phone we were being offered had been imported from Hong Kong and was fully sealed and was not a fake.

As we already own a Samsung Galaxy S3, we weren't taking this purchase too seriously as we were fishing for the best prices and were really looking to buy it on our creit card which was offering 0% interest free credit over 10 months (these offers are very common in Thailand).

DTAC and True were also offering this 0% deal but we wanted to know about the prices from an MBK stall holder and whether we'd get a better deal and to some extent this was the case.

The MBK stall owner seemed quite keen on the sale and was offering to provide any iPhone protection case as well as a screen protector and to install some programmes of our choosing.

The deal was good and we were on the verge of making a purchase but we decided to call our Thai friend to see whether this was a good option.

Our Thai friend indicated that some iPhones sold in MBK might not come from a proper distributer and therefore there is no quality control on the product (other than Apple's) and if you were to buy an iPhone that has an issue, you'll be stuck which brings us to the iphone warranty in Thailand.

All Apple products come with an International warranty EXCEPT the iPhone. The iPhone Thailand warranty is for Thailand only and follows the warranty for iPhones sold in other countries. Any iPhone will only be covered by the warranty for the country from which it was bought, so, the MBK iPhone would have been subject to the Honk Kong warranty.

Had we opted to buy the iPhone from DTAC or True, we'd have had no worries about the phone's condition or legitimacy but we would have still been tied to a Thailand warranty.

Apparently, you can buy an extended international warranty for $200 but this then makes the iPhone purchase in Thailand a waste of time and money. There would be no point in buying it when in Thailand.

The $200 is most likely the Apple Care option wheich we believe covers your Apple product for a repair in any country. This might be an option for regular international travellers but not for the average tourist who is looking for a deal on an iPhone.

So, the bottom line on buying an iPhone in Thailand is - DON'T.

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