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ladyboys in Bangkok

Where To Find Ladyboys In Bangkok

ladyboys in bangkok

Ladyboys in Bangkok and where to find them is a huge topic but can be covered in a single word - "everywhere".
Basically, ladyboys in Bangkok is such a common factor that you've got to look pretty hard NOT to find them as they are in schools, universities, shops, offices, cabaret shows and - of course - ladyboy bars.

ladyboys in bangkok and Thailand

In Thailand, being a ladyboy is almost fashionable.

The other thing about being a ladyboy is that it is now much more accepted than it was a few years ago; in fact Thailand has now, or is right on the verge of accepting a third gender - which is a ladyboy

Surgery for ladyboys is big business as most "serious" ladyboys will want cheek, lip, nose, hip and bum enhancements. Some even go for an Adam's apple reduction but only those who really feel they have been born into the wrong gender go for removal of their man tackle - but removal of their tackle isn't what most men looking for ladyboys in Bangkok want.

What Are Ladyboys In Thailand?

That's a bit of a crude way of putting the title, but I couldn't really think of a better title.

Ladyboys are boys who are attractive enough to make themselves look like girls. Some ladyboys are so attractive they can fool even the most experienced ladyboy spotter.

The younger the boy, the easier it is for them to look attractive as they haven't started shaving properly and haven't really turned into men - and this is where being a ladyboy means having a short shelf life because with age comes more hardened features and loss of hair. A ladyboy over 30 is well past their "sell by" date.

Thai boys seem to make the "best" ladyboys. Their facial features, skin type, straight black hair and small physical structure allow them to turn themselves into a female with a touch of makeup and some girl's clothing.

There are two types of ladyboy:

The ones who really do like to act, dress, look and behave like a girl.
The ones who think being a ladyboy will make them money in the sex trade

Does Liking A Ladyboy Make You Gay ?

This is an interesting issue. There have been programmes about this and most, if not all, men who go with a ladyboy claim not to be gay and in many instances have had wives and girlfriends - even children.

Gay men like other men. They don't like girls and ladyboys are more girls than men and so it goes against the grain for a gay man to be attracted to ladyboys.

The biggest market for Ladyboys is older men who are looking for something different to sex with a woman - which has probably become boring. Sex with a ladyboy is different and allows a man to experience "gay" sex without its being with a man because ladyboys have breasts, wear female clothing and underwear and in many cases, the only difference is that they have men bits.

ladyboys in Bangkok

What To Be Careful About When Dating A Ladyboy

Ladyboys are no different from other people; they just prefer to look and dress like a woman but can be caring, smart, funny and often entertaining.

However, they do take hormones to make them grow breasts and look more like a woman. These hormones can make them have behavioural issues and a grown man, who looks like a woman and with a hormonal imbalance can often become aggressive and have mood swings and this, ultimately, means a man with mood swings.

Jealousy can be a big issue with Ladyboys in Thailand. They are always going to be assuming you are looking at other, better looking ladyboys, or even looking at the pretty Thai girls, so having a steady relationship will take some effort and a lot of trust.

Breaking up with a ladyboy could be problematic. You could be considered the main source of income and income from you will more than likely trickle back to the Ladyboy's family and if you breakup, that income stops and so they are not going to let you go easily unless they have someone else to take your place.

Ladyboys in Bangkok
- and Thailand - lead a bit of a lonely life. They are often, but not always, shunned by their family and rarely manage to maintain a relationship due to the fact that a relationship with a man is more likely to be with a Westerner who is after something different and the novelty soon wears off and the non-gay Western man eventually turns back to a woman for that woman's touch.

Where To Meet Ladyboys In Bangkok

Where you meet them depends on what kind of a relationship you want with them.

If you go to Patpong, Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza, they all have ladyboy Go-Go bars and Pattaya is full of them but unless you get lucky, this is going to be a short lived relationship if taken past the first night.

Bangkok ladyboys who work in bars are going to be in it for the money and could possibly have become ladyboys just to make money and not really because they are genuine ladyboys.

So, if going for a one-time thrill, then a ladyboy from a bar will be the place to go but the best looking ladyboys are going to be expensive.

For A Longer Term Relationship, try going to the department stores and the makeup or perfume departments. There are usually loads of ladyboys working in department stores but they are everywhere: restaurants, bars, pizza delivery...you name it, but the makeup departments are almost a dead certainty.

What Will People Say About You ?

It is so common to see guys with ladyboys that the worst that will happen is maybe some expats or long term foreign residents will laugh at you because they think you've been duped into dating a guy and not a girl.

So, if you are looking to experiment with a ladyboy in Bangkok or Thailand, you are in the right place

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