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Men's Shoes Bangkok

Most men will want to know where to buy men's shoes in Bangkok. There are a few decent specialist retailers of men's shoes in Bangkok but they are mainly of the same brand. All the major departments stores and shopping malls such as Siam Paragon,The Emporium & Central Chidlom and Zen at Central World Shopping Complex have decent men's shoe sections but they all tend to sell the same brands of shoes as Clarks, Ecco, Geoxx, Timberland, Hush Puppies, Camel, Doc Martens, Regal & Florsheim to name just a few of the well known brands available. In some cases, you can find a brand or style in one Central department store but it's not available in another. Either that, or you can't find different shoes by a certain manufacturer so in most cases, shopping around doesn't help.

How Expensive Are Men's Shoes in Bangkok ?

The expense has a lot to do with the exchange rate in many respects. If we take the UK Pound as an example of what we mean, then the first half of 2008 saw the Thai Baht at 68 to one UK Pound, but the latter quarter of 2008 has seen the Pound drop to almost 50 which makes a big difference when considering prices. However, the US dollar hasn't been effected that much and so prices haven't really fluctuated for visitors from the USA.

There are two types of shoe in Thailand: local brands, and imported. The local brands can be quite cheap. A pair of work shoes will be between 1,000 Baht and 2,500 Baht. The higher end providing a decent shoe consisting of leather upper but rubber sole.

Imported brands will probably start where local brands leave off and can go as high as 14,000 Baht for a smart, quality brand work shoe with leather upper and sole.

Timberland boot, men's shoes, bangkok

If the shoe is imported, and you are familiar with that brand, you might be surprised at how expensive they might be compared to home. An average brand at home might be considered "Hi-So" ( high society ) in Thailand and the price will be higher.

One such brand that we are familiar with is Clarks, which is an average brand in the UK and a pair of shoes that might cost 50 UK Pounds in the UK might be around 100 UK Pounds in Thailand.

Annoying Issues

Sticking, for now, with the men's shoe departments of department stores, you'll find a decent array of brands and styles but be prepared to hear the most commonly spoken words in Bangkok: "Mai Mee". "Mai Mee" means "No Have" as in "Sold Out" or "We Don't Have What You Want Or Need". Many, many times, we've been shopping for men's shoes and eventually found a style and quality we liked only to hear the words "Mai Mee" and it's incredibly frustrating.

This happens for women's shoes too and is down to the fact that the purchasing departments do not know how to stock or order. The section has a great display but very little stock, espcially for common shoes sizes. Now, you might very well find the shoe you want and in the size you want but just be prepared for those two words.

We doubt this is an issue for specialist fashion shops such as Tod's and is mainly the reserve of department stores.

Dedicated Shoe Shops

We've provided a few links to some quality shoe shops below but moving on from the department store shoe sections, you can always look to dedicated shoe shops such as Footwork, Crazy Step, Dapper, Sketchers and Campers. Most of these can be found at Central World Plaza or Siam Paragon . There are also shoes in certain men's fashion shops, too many for us to mention here, but a wander around the either of the two shopping malls mentioned above will provide you with a good selection of options.

Thai Shoe Shops

The quality of Thai shoes has improved considerably and it's possible to buy well made shoes for a very reasonable price if you know where to go and for this we'd again suggest you head off to MBK where you can get shoes made to order at shoe shops such as Calos:

Calos shoe shop in MBK makes shoes to order
Calos at MBK makes shoes to order  

If you are looking for off-the-shelf men's shoes then try going to Findig or Udom Agg which have a good selection of leather shoes from regular casual and smart casual to full crocodile skin / snake skin shoes and boots. One positive about these two shoes shops is that they always seem to be having a sale so "savings" can be made.

All in all, MBK offers a good number of shoe shops and so if you have not been able to find your standard type shoe at the department stores and major shopping malls, try MBK as you'll quite likely find something you like and might not have realised you could get.

Findig at MBK offers a great selection of men's shoes
Findig at MBK offers shoes for men and women

Udom Agg at MBK selling shoes for men and women
Udom Agg at MBK. Thai made shoes

Footwork First Floor Siam Paragon
Crazy Step First Floor Siam Paragon
Tod's Mezzanine Floor Siam Paragon
Dapper Ground Floor Siam Center
Sketchers 2nd Floor Central World Plaza

Skechers shoe shop at Central World Plaza
Skechers Shoes, Central World Plaza
Skechers shoes shop at Central World Plaza
Skechers Shoes, Central World Plaza

There is a nice Camper Shoes at Central World Plaza as well as a local brand shop called Ragazze which is a leather shop selling items such as belts, bags, suit cases, bean bags and shoes for both men and women. The quality of these products is very good indeed but you'll pay good money for such quality.

There are many specialist shoe shops in various departmet stores around the center of Bangkok. Most of these are in the Siam Square area in shopping centers and malls such as Siam Discovery, Siam Center and even at Siam Square which is directly opposite Siam Paragon Shopping Complex

Skechers shoes, as shown above at Central World Plaza offers an excellent selection of well made smart casual shoes for men and women. Skechers often has sales and you can pick up good quality shoes for a very reasonable price.

Hush Puppies shoe shop at Central World Plaza
Hush Puppies Shoes, Central World Plaza
Hush Puppies shop at Central World Plaza
Hush Puppies Shoes, Central World Plaza

Geox shoe shop at Central World Plaza
Geox Shoes, Central World Plaza
Geox shoe shop at Central World Plaza
Geox Shoes, Central World Plaza

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