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New Apple MacBook Prices In Bangkok

New Apple MacBook Prices In Bangkok

new apple macbook prices in Bangkok



The New Apple MacBook will soon be released in Bangkok and Thailand and there are 3 colours, 2 options and 2 prices.

No sooner do you think you've got the latest offering from Apple when they go and release a new, sleeker, sexier looking device that is no doubt going to get people wetting themselves in anticipation.

The Apple MacBook will send hordes of people remortgaging their properties just to get their hands on the new Apple MacBook offering here in Bangkok and Thailand

the new apple macbook in Bangkok

The prices have already been established and you're going to be paying 43,900 Baht or 54,900 Baht. and this is what you can expect for that money:

Both are 12" retina displays...

43,900 Gets You...

256 Gb PCIE onboard flash storage
1.1 Ghz Dual Intel Core M Processor with Turbo Boost to 2.4 Ghz
8 Gb Memory
Intel HD 5300 Graphics

54,900 Gets You...

512 Gb PCIE onboard flash storage
1.2 Ghz Dual Intel Core M Processor with Turbo Boost to 2.6 Ghz
8 Gb memory
Intel HD 5300 Graphics

Sooooo, for 11,000 Baht you are getting double the storage...

Now I've got a MacBook Pro...13.3" 256 SSD Storage and 8 Gb RAM with retina dispaly and it cost me 69,000 Baht which I thought was pretty expensive at the time.

I wouldn't buy another one because it's just too expensive for what it is and what it can do.
The retina display must be a gimmick really because whilst it's nice, it's not so special as to justify the price hike.
You can now buy 512 Gb SSD storage for around 7,000 Baht and 8 Gb RAM is cheap as chips so where's the price justification ?

This new MacBook soon to be on sale in Bangkok and Thailand looks thin and extremely attractive but
NO ports on the sides. Just take a look !!! one charging port on the left side and a headphones socket on the right. OK, so that charging port triples up to be a USB 3.0 port and an external monitor port but as you can't use them at the same time in its current format, you're going to be shelling out extra for an expensive Apple accessory.

the all new macbookIn Bangkok is very thin

Why Buy The New MacBook?

If you want the thinnest and lightest (although it's not. Lenovo has that title) then it might be for you, but the screen size is small. You'll not want to do any graphic design or photo editing on it.

A selling point is the retina display and the new mouse / track pad which is supposed to be more responsive and whilst this technology might be useful to a superior and highly trained user, for you and me, it's not going to be much use really.

Up to 9 hours of claimed battery life is good but my MacBook Pro claims 12 (with the wi-fi off, no bluetooth, monitor at the absolute minimum brightness and no programmes running - in normal mode maybe 3 hours if I'm lucky). You might get close to 9 hours when you first buy it but after a month or two it's going to die off a lot. This extra battery life is down to the remodelling of the battery itself and the Intel M processor.

The other reason for buying a new Apple MacBook in Thailand is because you'll want to keep up with the Thais who will lap this up. Out come the KTC 0% 12 month offers and they'll fly off the shelves.

It's a nice piece of kit but will its size and price make much sense ?

Personally, I think the power it offers and its size means it's really aimed at Office apps, email and Internet and if so, why pay so much money to do that ?

I'd much prefer to buy a £400 core i5 Windows laptop, throw in some more memory and add an SSD hard drive and I'll have a much, faster laptop with about 20,000 Baht in my pocket.

OK, it won't be as thin or as light, but it'll be better...and who doesn't need to save 20,000 Baht ?

Anyway, it's up to you...just remember. If it breaks, it's going to cost you a bunch of money to get it repaired...

Who Should Buy The New Apple MacBook?

This really should be for the frequent business traveller or anyone who is flush with money.

I don't think it's for the average user. They can stick with the MacBook Air or, if sensible, a Windows based laptop.

Where Can I Buy an Apple MacBook in Bangkok ? You'll be able to buy the Apple MacBook from MBK almost as soon as it is available in the USA, UK, Hong Kong and anywhere else it's released before Thailand. This is because of the black market whereby officially released Apple items are imported into Thailand by anyone coming back from said countries.

The prices will be elevated and there probably won't be the warranty to go with it so if you buy an Apple watch in Bangkok or Thailand before the official release date then you are going to be paying over the odds and taking a bit of a risk.

When it is officially released, there are a number of of Apple related outlets in Bangkok, such as iStudio which is an official Apple outlet store.. Most can be found within the department stores and malls such as:

Want One Sending To You ?

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