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PCs, Laptops & Hardware / Software

Pantip Bangkok or Pantip Plaza to use its full name, is the place to go for all your computer needs. If you want pre-built computers, computer parts, laptops, monitors, software, projectors, printers, scanners, MP3 players cameras and so on, it's all there, under one roof, scattered over 5 floors.

We have no recommendations for any particular shop as they all seem to be very similar but, as always, shop around for the best deals and shop where all the Thais are shopping. If you can build your own computer then buying all the bits and pieces might save you some money.

You can bargain on some items but many shops have fixed prices on brand name items. All we can suggest it to try your luck..


IT Mall
Shopping mall for IT equipment
Outside looking towards Platinum
Main Entrance

Pantip is situated in the center of the city, just around the corner from the most popular shopping malls and department stores the capital has to offer. It is Thailand's largest IT and computer mall and is the best place to go if looking for a new laptop, desktop or any other item of IT equipment whether it is for home or business use.

The mall can get very busy but many of the people milling around are hawkers trying to shove DVD covers in your face whilst saying "Sexy movie, sexy DVD". This is more so during the weekends than during the week.

five floors of IT stores
Show area for presentations
5 floors of IT related shops
Looking down onto the presentation area.

Pantip Plaza Bangkok - Store Information

Telephone +66(0) 2793 7777
Opening Hours 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. everyday
BTS Nearest BTS is Ratchatewi station or Chidlom, but either one requires a walk. Best bet is taxi and they all know "Pantip Plaza".
Address Petchburi Road , Pratunam, Rajthevi, Bangkok 10400
Pros You'll find almost any IT related hardware or software here. Good prices.
Cons Crowded, noisey.Vendors can be rude.
Places Nearby: Amari Watergate Hotel, Pratunam clothes market, Central World Plaza. Platinum Fashion Mall.

Tips on what do be careful of at Pantip Plaza

Panthip is known to have pick pockets. They work in teams and target people on escalators.

Keep your belongings safe, put money in your front pockets and when using an ATM / cash point machine, be careful of people around you.

First ( Ground ) Floor:

Before you enter Pantip, here is a good place to have a bite to eat or a drink. Here you'll find KFC and S & P restaurants. Entering from the front are free standing stalls selling all sorts of items such as chargers, batteries, power extension sockets, alarm clocks and so on. You can also find game consoles, Game Boys, PSP, games for PC, X-Box or PS2 as well as DVD movies and computer software.

On either side as you enter Pantip are two long escalators which will take you straight up to the third floor, missing out the second floor. If you want to get to the second floor, go further into Pantip and you'll see shorter escalators.

Moving further in, there is a show case area which is usually taken up by large brand names such as HP, Canon or Brother showing off their latest, scanners, laptops, printers etc. Other times there are more free standing stalls that are selling other new items but at discount prices. Pretty Thai Girls often give presentations about these products. Further back you'll find actual stores selling either brand named equipment such as Sony, or shops selling high end computer parts for building or modifying your own computer.

Escalators lead up to the third floor
first floor stalls at Pantip sell electrical goods and accessories
Main escalators lead up to third floor.
First floor stalls sell electrical goods

Second Floor:

You get to the second floor by either walking up the stairs tucked around in the right hand corner as you enter from the front, or near the back next to the presentation sections. . The second floor holds many of the usual shops but it also has Data IT which is a mini computer superstore. Here you pay the fixed prices and the prices are usually higher than the stalls and shops surrounding it.

Data IT sells cameras, laptops, PCs, pocket electronic dictionaries, stationary and computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice ink and so on. Data IT is not a bad store but we feel it's not as good as IT City on the top floor.

Good computer mod shops
various IT stores
Modify your PC from stores in Pantip
One of hundreds of shops selling IT equipment

Third Floor:

Access to this floor of Pantip Plaza can be via the second floor or you can gain immediate access from the first floor by choosing the long escalator immediately to the left as you walk into Pantip Plaza. Third floor is probably the best place to find all the copied software, games and DVDs but as soon as you get to that floor, young men will continually offer you "sexy DVDs" and it's very annoying as they get in your way and there are so many of them, but there are a good number of stalls selling pirated software, movies and music CDs. Many of the music CDs are now MP3 compilations.

There is an open eating area but unless you have a solid stomach, avoid it. This goes for anything with ice in it too.

Also on the third floor are one or two decent camera shops selling popular point and shoot digital cameras as well as the more popular D-SLR cameras.
We doubt you'll have a problem but if you think you are getting a deal that's almost too good, it probably is. Check the warranty, check to see if the battery is the correct battery and not some cheap substitute which could leak and run down very quickly.

usual computer shops on the third floor
camera shops
3rd floor has more computer shops...
..and a number of camera shops like Photo AV

Fourth Floor:

Fourth floor moves away from the software sales and computer peripherals and movies towards more cameras and laptops but other items are available. It starts to get quieter on the fourth floor and it's a good place to get money from an ATM machine as there are not too many people and it's safer.

Fifth Floor:

IT City is on the 5th floor. IT City is a fully legitimate IT store. Here you can get most IT hardware, pre-built computers by HP, Fujitsu, Acer and so on. Everything in this store comes with fully legal software, warranty and there is even a service center where you can get your hardware repaired.


Many visitors to Thailand purchase copied software and movies; and other than the fact that they are pirated versions, you do not always get what you think. Very new movies are almost certainly going to be very bad copies and the sound quality will be very poor too.Ignore anyone telling you it is a "master", which means top quality copy.

DVD movies generally sell for about 120 - 150 Baht. PC or MAC software is also readily available and is again pirated unless you get it from DATA IT or IT City ( along with a few others ). If it's in a box, it's probably not pirated.

What's Nearby?

Almost next door is the Platinum Fashion Mall which is a new building built for the purpose of housing fashion stalls selling all manner of clothing, shoes and fashion accessories; even winter clothing !

What Are The Alternatives?

The best alternative is probably Fortune Town which you can get to by taking the subway and getting off at Rama 9. It's not as large but it is quieter and you don't have young men thrusting DVDs into your face. If you are after standard IT equipment or software, Fortune Town makes for a very good and more accessible option.

Seacon Square has an IT Mall of sorts, but it isn't very good although it does have an IT City which will provide you with pretty much all the IT equipment you are likely to need.

IT City at Rangsit Future Park has a good IT mall but it's very far out and only an option if you live in that area.

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