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Pirated Movies Bangkok | Where To Buy Pirated Movies

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After numerous visits to various DVD vendors, it's clear that the quality of pirated DVDs has reached an all time low and we strongly suggest you save your money and not buy any pirated DVDs from any vendor. We have used a regular supplier whom we could trust but these days, we get told that every movie is a master and yet they all turn out to be extremely poor quality or they skip from chapter to chapter and it's just not worth the hassle. Not a single pirated DVD vendor can be trusted to supply you with what they tell you. Even if you take them back, they just tell you the new one is a master and it turns out to be exactly the same as before. You might as well, literally, throw your money down the drain.
Bottom line, Don't waste your time or money buying pirated DVD movies
If you insist on buying them, continue reading below, but bear in mind these comments are the latest and any information below is older than what is shown here.

Pirated Movies & DVDs in Bangkok

Pirated movies is another favourite for visitors coming to Bangkok. Most people will be enticed to buy from the hundreds of stalls selling copied DVDs. These stalls can be found almost anywhere but they are more prominent in tourist areas although Thais buy just as many of these copied movies as tourists.

What Is The Quality Like ?

This all depends because if you find a reliable source, they will or can be open about the quality of the movie. They will tell you whether it is a "Master" or not but even this is not always to be trusted. Generally, the vendors will assume you are a tourist and tell you whatever they think you want to hear in order to make a sale. The only thing you can try to do is to ask whether it is a "master" and if it is not, you can then return it.

In general, any pirated movie that is still showing in the theatres will be of poor quality with darker than normal images, poor sound quality and can, very often, be unwatchable.
Movies are almost immediately released on DVD and often it is possible to find movies that have not even arrived at the theatres yet which is a major indication that they will be of very poor quality.

These originally copied DVDs will be hanging around even when the movie copies become better and as a tourist, you could be given a poor copy of a movie when others are receiving good copies as they want to get rid of them. Often, if you take them back, you'll get a new copy which will be of a better quality.

What Makes For A Good Copy ?

It's probably best to wait a few months after the movie has been in the theatres before you can hope to get a decent copy, but some movies take longer than others. If the movie is successful, it takes longer. If the movie is not so successful, it goes to DVD quicker and then you can get better pirated copies of that movie.

With the advent of HD quality hand held DVD cameras, the copies can be better than before. Vendors might think it's of "master" quality but if you enjoy movies with decent sound, even these will come across as being poor, so wait about 3 months after the movie has been in theatres before buying a pirated copy. Alternatively, if you find an authentic DVD in the shops, then you'll find a "master" copy at the street stalls.

How Much Do Pirated DVDs Cost ?

If you go to a stall you've not been to before, they will charge you around 150 Baht per movie. You might get it cheaper if you bargain but it is possible to get a pirated DVD movie in Bangkok for 100 Baht. Many stalls offer "promotions" such as buy 5 get 1 free and so on.

Where Can I Buy Pirated DVDs ?

Pirated DVDs in Bangkok can be found almost anywhere. On the top floor of most Central Malls you can find a software / mobile phone section and there is usually a stall or two selling pirated movies.

The tourist areas attract stalls selling movie DVDs and Silom has a large number but it's best to arrive around 7 pm when the stalls are all open. This goes for the Nana area of Sukhumvit. However, many stalls sell rubbish and it's a waste of money.

There are also stalls at MBK, Pantip Plaza and Fortune Tower but you won't find them at Central World Plaza, Emporium, Siam Paragon or Central Chidlom

Where's The Best Place To Buy Pirated Movies In Bangkok ?

Every local has a favourite or "trusted" supplier but as a visitor, you have to take pot luck and hope you get a decent copy, but we have heard that a good place is a small stall opposite O'Reily's pub on Silom road. There are DVD stalls outside O'Reilly's pub but it's on the opposite side of the road.

What's The Bottom Line ?

Pirated DVDs are illegal and we are not condoning the purchase of illegal copies of copyrighted movies and you can only expect to get what you pay for. Sometimes you can be lucky and get a very good copy, but other times, you get something that's not even worth watching and this happens quite often.

With Plasma screen TVs, LCD TVs and High Definition movies, you want to get the best quality you can and in all reality, authentic movies don't cost that much so why not pay the extra and get something that you know is of good quality and legal ?

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