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River City in Bangkok is a well known shopping center aimed at the sale of antiques. It comprises 4 floors of shops selling antiques and antiquities, arts & crafts, jewelry, leather products, souvenirs, Thai silk products as well as offering some specialty goods, tailor shops, places to eat and the ubiquitous massage.

Shops start as soon as you enter the building with most of the downstairs shops offering souvenirs, Thai silk products and Tailor shops. The design of River City antiques is such that there is central court which is usually occupied by show pieces by various shops, but most of the antique shops start on the 1st floor.

There is some debate about shopping for antiques. here. Many tourists say that it's a tourist trap with inflated prices and "antiques" that could well have been made yesterday and just around the corner.

One thing that should be of concern is the fact that so many of the shops are selling so many of the same antiques, usually Buddha busts, reclining Buddhas and so on, and so with this in mind, you should be careful about what you buy and how much you pay, and it'll pay to bargain.

Those selling antiques decorate the shops to look like very expensive, high-end outlets with just a few items, giving the impression that the items are rare, difficult to get and expensive, so don't let the environment put you off bargaining hard. Don't be intimidated by your surroundings. Having said that though, we suggest you only buy if you know what it is you are buying unless of course you have loads of money and just love the item for what it is.

So, where to buy antiques in Bangkok if not at River City? Well, we feel they are all very much the same and so River City as just as good as the rest, just be careful.

Main entrance to River City in Bangkok
Restaurants outside river city
Main entrance to River City
Walkway leads into Royal Orchid Sheraton

Where Is River City And How Do I Get There?

River City is situated next to The Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, book here, and is on the banks of Bangkok's main river, the Chaopraya (river of kings). The nearest skytrain station is at Saphan ( Sapan ) Thaksin but it is too far to walk from there to River City and so you could, if coming from in town, take the skytrain to Saphan Taksin and then take a short txi ride or Tuk Tuk ride to River City or you could take the river ferry from Saphan Taksin to the same place.

If you are coming from Kao Sarn Road area, or The Grand Palace area, you can't get the skytrain, but you can get a taxi, Tuk Tuk or get the river ferry.

If you take the river ferry, get off at Si Phraya

Si Phraya pier on the Chaopraya river next to River City in Bangkok

If you are staying at The Millenium Hotel, River City is directly opposite, and you can take the cross river ferry or even the hotel's own ferry service. This applies to other hotels such as The Peninsula.

What Is Nearby?

There is not a lot in the same area except hotels and OP Place: The Asian Heritage Shopping Centre, which also sells antiques, art & crafts and is a smaller version of River City. Also in area is The Oriental Hotel, book here which is next to O.P Place.
If you don't mind a walk, then there is The Shangri La Hotel book here. Other than that, there's nothing of interest in walking distance. If you want to get somewhere, you need to take a taxi or take a river cruise or river ferry.

Cruises & River

The River City Shopping Mall is also home to the river cruises which go up and down the Chaopraya river during the day and evenings. A day's cruise to the ancient capital of Ayuttaya:

River Sun Cruise
Tel. (02) 266-931 6, (02) 266-9125-6
From: The River City Shopping Complex
Time: 8.00 a.m.-5.00 p.m. every day
Cost: 1,500 Baht/person

downstairs at River City
Main foyer area
Tailors, Souvenirs and Silk Products
Main Foyer
Antique Shops at River City
different shops sell different items of antiques
Various Thai, Chinese and Burmese artifacts
Buddha images in wood or marble

Shop Listings

  Shop No. Shop Name Website  
  161 AUGUST'9    
  162 CHOR-FAH    
  165 CHO-FAH    
  166 I-YARA    
  168 ASIAN EXOTIC    
  169 SOPHA LEE    
  Shop No. Shop Name Website  
  112 TRIPLE 3    
  131-2 LUCK GEMS  
  140 BOWINS SILVER www.bowinsgroup.com  
  Shop No. Shop Name Website  
  106 - 7 KEANLIS    
  118 SIAM LEATHER GOODS www.siamleathergoods.com  
  136 L K LEATHER    
  Shop No. Shop Name Website / Address  
  105 SALA THAI 23 River City Shopping Complex Yotha Road Talad Noi, 10100 Samphanthawong, Bangkok
p: 662 2370077
  113 SALA THAI    
  122-126 LA GRANDE PERLE http://www.lagrandeperle.com/  
  134-5 CHART GALLERY CAFE 86-100 Soi Captain Bush, Charoenkrung SOi 30
Phone : +66 2639-5580/1
  Shop No. Shop Name Website  
  103 - 4 RIVERYA HANDMADE    
  116 THANU www.thanu.com  
  115 AA. SOUVENIRS    
  127 TINKLE BELL    
  137- 8 GIFTS DE L'ORIENTAL www.giftoriental.com  
  Shop No. Shop Name Website  
  101 - 2 RIVER COLLECTION    
  108 FASHION GALLERIA www.fashiongalleria.biz  
  109 J.S.THAI SILK    
  110 HONG KONG DESIGNERS www.fashiongalleria.biz  
  111 NEW NICE SILK    
  129 DE' GLAM FASHION HOUSE www.deglam.com  
  130 OBVIOUS    
  139 L. C. DESIGN    
  141-2 ELEGANCIA    
  Shop No. Shop Name Website  
  143 WAT PO GALLERY    

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