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Samsung Galaxy s5 Prices Bangkok

Samsung Galaxy s5 Prices In Bangkok

The price of the Samsung Galaxy s5 in Bangkok is pretty consistent around the globe with the exception of the VAT. The 16Gb version of the iPhone 5s is currently 17,900 Baht.

You can buy the Samsung Galaxy s5 in Bangkok at many locations but we always recommend going to MBK for the widest choice of vendors and the best possibility of getting a good price..

Samsung's pricing policy is not as rigid as Apple's and so you'll be able to bargain a little bit but margins are tight so don't expect huge discounts.

As with all new mobile phone offerings, expectations are high for the new Samsung Galaxy s5 in Bangkok. However, little has changed on the outside with much of it is changes being in functionality, speed, camera, memory and the cpu.

This Latest Offering From Samsung At A Glance:

If you want to get all the specifications for the latest Samsung Galaxy s5, then we recommend you visit:

Samsung Galaxy s5 price in Bangkok

Issues With Buying A Samsung Galaxy s5 in Thailand

If buying a Sumsung Galaxy s5 in Bangkok or Thailand, make sure the box is sealed and then opened in front of you. You wouldn't want to find things were missing or a used phone put inside. Once it is out of view, you'll have little recourse.

This is going to be rare, but for the smaller stalls, struggling to make a profit, they might try to get away with something.

On top of that, check the warranty, but do this BEFORE agreeing to buy. Make sure the warranty covers you for your country and if not, find out the cost of getting a warranty that will. This is possible with the iPhone but the extra cost makes buying in Bangkok pointless.

Samsung Galaxy s5 Fakes in Bangkok

There are many mobile phones in Bangkok that look similar to iPhones, Samsung Phones and so on but we're not readily aware that any are sold as the original items. They carry similar names or completely different names but don't try to pass themselves off as anything else.

Where Can I Buy a Samsung s5 in Bangkok ? When it is officially released, there are a number of of Apple related outlets in Bangkok. Most can be found within the department stores and malls such as:


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