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Bangkok Tailors - Advice About Reliable Tailors Bangkok

Bangkok Tailors

Where are the best tailors Bangkok? Many people who come to Bangkok want to be fitted out with tailor made clothes. Whatever you want making, it's not easy knowing where to go to find reliable tailors or outfitters.

One thing is fairly clear is that any Bangkok tailors offering deals such as:
  • One suit ( choice of materials )
  • 6 Shirts
  • 4 pairs of extra trousers
  • 6 ties
all for 199 US Dollars is not going to provide good service or good material. You might even find you don't get all that you pay for.

Outfitters Bangkok

Tailors In Bangkok

There are hundreds of outfitters in Bangkok. Most of them can be found in the tourist areas of Sukhumvit Road, Silom road, outside popular hotels and even Khao San Road but many are unreliable and offer discounts or packages that are too good to be true. Unfortunately, many of the shop owners or staff stand outside trying to shake your hand or usher you into their shop. It is also the tactic used by Indians rather than Thais and while this happens, it is much worse in places like Pattaya and Phuket.

Having said that, some of the best are run by Indians, one of which is Raj's next to The Landmark Hotel. Raj's has a very good reputation.

What To Avoid

As we have mentioned above, there are many tailors with signs outside that offer unbelievably good deals for tailor made clothes and these kind are the ones to avoid because it's just not possible to provide quality material and quality cuts for such a low price. A decent, off-the-peg shirt can cost one hundred dollars and so to be offered a complete suit set for the same price must raise alarms.

One other sign to watch out for although not a hard and fast rule, is staff standing outside of their shops offering to shake your hand and get you inside the shop. Generally, if a shop is reputable it will have good customers and will not need to be ushering people into the shop and so we'd say you'd be better off ignoring those kind of shops and go elsewhere.

How Do I Find A Reputable Shop In Bangkok?

Clearly, word of mouth is the best option but it depends on the mouth. Usually, you can ask the hotel's concierge but this will only apply in the higher class hotels because Thailand is well known for shops giving tips or commission to those who send people to their shop. The Oriental Hotel has an excellent concierge and so it might be worth going there just to ask which he'd recommend.

How Much Will I Pay?

A reliable tailor will charge a fair amount, especially if the material is of good quality. Reliable shops don't prey on tourists, they provide a good service with top results and if you expect to get something for next to nothing, it's not going to happen, so expect to make some decent savings if comparing to how much it would cost to get clothes tailor made in your own country, but if you want good savings compared to off-the-peg clothes, we doubt you'll find it.

Recommended Places

One place that expats recommend is Rajawongse Tailors which is next to The Landmark Hotel around Sukhumvit 6 near Nana Skytrain station. Many people go there and the shop has some photos of famous people who've had things made there. A lot of embassy staff go there, but that's not necessarily and indication of quality !!


Filipo is very reliable. Filipo can be found at Thaniya building on Soi Thaniya just off Silom road. Filipo is on the 3rd floor. It is run by Thais and they speak English.
Take the skytrain to Silom and Thaniya is just round the corner.

Map To Filipo

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Other outlets we know about and feel have a good reputation are:

Pinky Tailors

Pinky Pinky Tailors, Bangkok
If you research on the internet, you will come across very good reviews for this shop and reviews and customer comments are the best source for finding out the best and most reliable places to go.

Mahatun Plaza Arcade
888/40 Ploenchit Road
Phone +66 2 2536328, 2529680, 2535055

Art's Tailor Thaniya
62/15-6 Soi Thaniya Silom Road,
Tel.: +66 2 236 7966

July Tailor
30/6 Saladaeng Road Silom
+66 2 233 0171

Perry Tailor
60/2 Silom Road
+66 2 2339235

Some other shops we've heard about

Jame's Fashion
Empire Tailors
New International Boutique House
Savile Row Fashions ( not the same as the London based company )

There are plenty of other good tailors out there and the ones we've mentioned are one's we've heard about. We make no claim as to their quality or service and all information is given in good faith. Any person going to a tailors in Thailand does so based upon their own decisions and assumptions and so we advise you research as best as possible.

Scams (A must read if considering buying a tailor made suit etc)

Thailand certainly has a reputation for scams. You can read about some interesting stories about scams by tailors here
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