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What to do in Bangkok | Places to go in Bangkok

Places to go and things to do in Bangkok

After a hard day's shopping in Bangkok you need something to help you relax and unwind and there are plenty of places to help you do that in Bangkok.

Foot / Body Massage

You can't really come to Bangkok and not experience a traditional Thai massage and what better time to have one than after a hard day's shopping in some of Bangkok's large shopping malls and shopping complexes.
Bangkok offers many variations to the massage theme from simple foot massages to a complete pampering at a health spa.
The foot massages can be found in some of the shopping malls. Siam Paragon Shopping Complex has one in a basement section. Just find Au Bon Pain and go down a level and there you can find a massage parlor offering feet and face massages to full body massages.
Along many of the streets in many tourist areas, you can find shops offering massages of various kinds. Just keep you eyes open and you'll soon come across one.
Prices for massages can be very reasonable depending on where you go. Small massage parlors offer two hour massages for roughly 250 Baht which is about 4 UK pounds or 8 US dollars.
Almost all hotels offer more up market spas and health treatments, so if you don't fancy the cheaper places ( which are perfectly good ) arrange to be pampered at one of the nicer hotels or ask the concierge for some recommedations.

Movie Theaters or Cinemas

Bangkok has some of the best cinema complexes in Asia and if you fancy watching a movie you can choose from a number of places to watch a movie as well as the style of seating you wish to have. Siam Paragon and Central World Plaza both offer excellent movie theaters where you can opt for standard seating at around 250 Baht per person or you can opt for one of the exclusive theatres which have fully reclining seats, pillows, blankets and a free welcome drink all for around 1,000 Baht. These theatres provide lounge seating if you wish to get there early and read a newspaper or just chat. Some even have free use of massage chairs to help you unwind before the film starts. If opting for a movie, it's worth noting that before every film, the king's anthem is played and everyone in the theater stands up in a show or respect. You will be expected to do the same.

Pubs & Bars

Even though Bangkok has a reputation for the more raunchy kind of bars, there are some very nice and good quality English and Irish pubs as well as American Themed pubs and bars where you can sit and have a beer, wine or cocktail and even a light snack or full meal.
Many of these bars have live music as entertainment.
On Silom Road and just off Silom Road on Soi Convent, there is O'Reilly's, The Exchange, The Duke of Wellington and on Sukhumvit Road, near The Emporium shopping complex you can find The Robin Hood, The Dubliner, The Londoner, The Bull's Head to name just a few.


.If ever there was a great city to enjoy wining and dining, Bangkok has to be among some of the greats. Whatever tickles your fancy, you can find it here in the City Of Angels.
Bangkok has some excellent restaurants catering to all tastes and to almost any budget, but you'll find that wine adds a huge chunk to your otherwise very reasonable bill.
One place we'd highly recommend is The Marriott Resort & Spa which is situated on the Chao Praya river ( River of Kings ). You can get there by taxi but the best way to get there is to take the Skytrain / BTS to Saphan Taksin and then catch the Marriott Resort and Spa's ferry that will take you, for free, to the hotel where there are a number of restaurants to choose from but we suggest trying the buffet which is very reasonably priced ( 1,200 Baht per person approx.) and has a good selection of dishes. However, there is also live traditional Thai dancing set on a stage for all to see. This is a real treat if you've not seen it before and the cool river ride back to the BTS afterwards rounds off any hard day's shopping in Bangkok.

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