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Where To Get Your Phone Unlocked In Bangkok

Getting Your Phone Unlocked In Bangkok

iphone 5s price in Bangkok

Rather than using the international roaming when using your mobile phone in Bangkok and Thailand, the smartest thing to do is to buy a local SIM card and sending out your new and temporary mobile phone number.

Thailand is great for pay-as-you-go SIM cards and you can pick then up from any 7-11 mini mart or department store.

The only issue is whether your phone needs unlocking and knowing where to get this done and at what cost..

MBK is where you should go if looking to get your phone unlocked in Bangkok. Almost every stall on the 4th floor of MBK in Bangkok will offer a phone unlocking service.

The prices for getting your phone unlocked in Bangkok will depend on your ability to bargain and on the stall you choose to do the business for you.

They all send the phone to a person who does the unlocking. They won't do it at their own stall and so you'll be told to wait about an hour before you can get your phone back and unlocked.

We got our UK purchased Samsung Galaxy S3 unlocked but shopped around before choosing the stall to do it for us.

We were originally asked for 700 Baht and a wait of an hour but the attitude of the stall owner was poor and so we moved on to the next stall and were offered the same service for 600 baht but we chose to move on again and stopped at a stall owned by someone with a kind face (got to choose somehow !).

They offered to do this for 300 Baht and also within an hour and so we chose them but not before marking our battery and phone.

We walked off and returned 45 minutes later in the hopes of their having done it faster but they'd not done it at all as we'd forgotten to give them the phone's security code !!

This wasn't an issue because on telling them we were in a hurry and mght not do it, they told us they'd get it done in 20 minutes which they did and without issue.

We bought a SIM card from them and tested it before paying and with all things working correctly, we handed over the 300 Baht and we using our mobile on the local network. A great and cheap service.

Bottom line: Getting your mobile phone unlocked in Bangkok should be a fairly fast and reliable thing to do. Shop around for the best price and if really pressed for time, see if you can't hurry them up.

MBK is not the only place in Bangkok to get your phone unlocked. Most places that have small, mobile phone booths, will have someone who can unlock your phone.

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