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Western Union Locations In Bangkok

Western Union In Bangkok

There are many Western Union locations in Bangkok with a number of others scattered around Thailand. . In all, Bangkok has 25 Western Union outlets in Bangkok so if you are looking for "fast, reliable, worldwide money transfer" it's going to be easy.

You can look for information and search for oultets by visiting the Western Union Website but it's fairly safe to say that there is a branch in every Central Department Store and in most toursist areas making sending and receiving money from Bangkok much easier than perhaps using a bank which remains a little uncertain. If you find yourself in Bangkok and you need to quickly and reliably send money to someone or receive money in an emergency, get yourself to your nearest branch.

Where Can I Find Western Union Outlets in Bangkok ?

Locations for Western Union outlets in Bangkok seems to change. We picked up a leaflet from the British Embassy and checked that against the locations guide within the Western Union Website Locations Section and the two didn't match very well and so we suggest looking the the official website for the latest locations, but outlets can be found in most of the major shopping malls in Bangkok and in various areas frequented by tourists including Chatujak Market and Kao Sarn Road.

Western Union branches are open until 8 pm everyday

Sending And Receiving Money From Bangkok

The sending and receiving process is very simple. Sending money abroad is a three step process

  1. Fill in a "To Send Money" form
  2. Hand in the form, the money you wish to send and some ID (passport is best)
  3. Call the receiver to tell them the money has been sent and to tell them th Money Transfer Control Number

Receiving money is just as simple:

  1. Fill in a "To Receive Money" form with the Money Transfer Control Number
  2. Hand in the form,and some ID (passport is best)
  3. Collect your money.

Other Ways To Send And Receive Money In Bangkok

Most banks offer money transfer services but to and from Bangkok, it has been known to "go missing" for a week or two. This doesn't happen as frequently as it used to, but many stories abound of people having transfered money and it didn't turn up for a couple of weeks. It always turns up from what we understand, but it might take longer than usual and so to avoid these little quirks in the system, it's probably best to use a wire transfer method which means it's almost immediate.

A quick look at the UK Citibank website shows it offers two methods for doing this, the best of which is probably the SWIFT transfer as it allows money to be transferred from one of their banks to any other bank, but if you are a Citibank customer, you can transfer to other Citibanks around the world using their Citibank Global Transfers. Only drawback is that you have to get to one of their banks or another bank to receive the money whereas Western Union has branches in easily accessible tourist areas and open longer hours.

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