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Where is Bangkok | Where in the world is Bangkok, Thailand

Where Is Bangkok


Where is Bangkok Bangkok is the Captial of Thailand which is a country located in South East Asia.

Thailand has borders with Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Laos and Cambodia but much of the country has coast line with either the Indian Ocean or The Bay of Thailand.

Many people would like to visit Bangkok but then ask the question - Where is Bangkok ?


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General Information

English Name Bangkok
Other City of Angels (Which is the translation of the Thai name)
Thai Name short Krung Thep (Maha Nakhon)  - กรุงเทพมหานคร
Thai Name full Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Phiman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit 
Language Thai
Religion Predominantly Buddhist but with catholics, christians and muslims
Currency: Baht
Population: 8.5 million ++

Spoken Languages

Bangkok is fairly cosmopolitan although nearly everyone (local) speaks Thai which is the native tongue of Thailand.
English is very commonly spoken these days and you'll be hard pushed to find someone who doesn't speak at least a little English.
All front desk hotel staff, waiters and so on speak English and even taxi drivers know a smattering so don't go to Bangkok thinking you'll find it difficult to communicate.


The currency of Thailand is the Baht. For £1 you will get roughly 50 baht and for $1 US you'll get roughly 35 Baht but you can always check the exact amount by visiting www.xe.com. Coins range from 25 Satang to 10 Baht and then notes from 20 baht to the highest denomination of 1,000 Baht.

Try to carry a decent split of coins and notes because trying to pay for a taxi with a 500 or 1,000 Baht note will often result in problems with the change.

Prices for anything will vary depending on where you buy them. If you buy food on Kao Sarn road for instance, you could probably get by on 150 Baht a day, maybe less (food only). But if you went to a good restaurant a plate of chicken fried rice might cost the same.

Fruit is cheap and plentiful especially if you buy from a market rather than a supermarket.

Alcohol varies. Wine in Bangkok and Thailand is very expensive and not always well handled. You might get a good tasting wine at a top hotel where they store it correctly but just buying a bottle of red off the shelf of a supermarket doesn't always result in a decent taste an dyou could be disappointed and miffed at having spent so much money.

Beer in Bangkok is reasonable. There are now many more brands to choose from with most being brewed locally. Imported beers will be pricey, so still with local beers or locally brewed beers such as Heineken.

Best Time To Visit Bangkok

We recommend visiting Bangkok from around November to February time as this is the cool season (cool for Thai people anyway).

You'll find it a more pleasant experience during these months as the humidity is not as bad and the temperature drops to a bearable level.

March to June is the hottest time and then July to October is the rainy season and whilst that can be exciting to witness at times, it makes getting around a real pain as roads jam up and it becomes difficult to get a taxi and its altogether a nusance. One thing is for sure; you don't want to get stuck in a Bangkok traffic jam as it can add hours to your journey.

So now you have the answer to - Where Is Bangkok, and you know the best time of year to visit, you can drop by.

What To Do In Bangkok

Many people say they like to go to Bangkok for just a couple of days and then head either north or south but there is a lot to do in Bangkok if you know where to look.

Bangkok has got a reputation as being the sex capital of the world but whilst there is a lot of that to be found, there are many, many respectful bars, clubs and restaurants to enjoy.

Bangkok is also fast becoming known as a shopping haven and the number of upmarket malls and departments stores is testamount to this. You can buy almost anything in Bangkok at either the malls, department stores or markets.

Bangkok has a huge number of places with historical interest including places like The Grand Palace, Wat Pra Gaew, Wat Arun (Temple Of Dawn), Wat Pho (Temple of the reclining Buddha), The Golden Mount temple and so on and it's not a case of "you've seen on eyou've seen them all". Each one offers something different and unique.

Bangkok has many excellent places to eat, museums to visit, markets both on dry land and on water, as well as shows such as Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo and Joe Louis puppet theater to name just a few.

For those looking for something more relaxing, try one of the numerous spas where you can get a full day's worth of pampering for a fraction of the cost you'd pay back home.

We've mentioned just a few of the things you can do in Bangkok and there are many other things to do as well so if you are thinking of coming to Bangkok, try to stay more than just a day or two and experience what Bangkok really has to offer and not just what people think it does.

Getting Around Bangkok

Anyone who knows Bangkok will tell you that one of the worst things about the place is the traffic. It certainly used to be horrific; with total gridlock guaranteed daily, but more recently, public transportation in the shape of the Skytrain and The Underground system has eased the traffic congestion considerably meaning you no longer have to spend hours sitting in traffic.

With this information, don't think that a visit to bangkok will result in days spent in traffic. If you take the public transport you'll get about far more quickly and at a reasonable cost.

There is a bit of a mish-mash of places on this level. Banks, Bakery, Chinese dumplings and even Asia Books


Bangkok has 3 seasons:

1. Hot Season - March to June
2. Rainy Season - July to October
3. Cool Season - November to February

For anybody from a non-southern hemisphere country, Bangkok will be hot at all times of the year but the temperature is certainly more bearable during the cool season.

Humidity is very high and that is what makes is less tolerable than say somewhere like Florida which has a dry heat.
In the hot season, air-conditioning is a must and walking around outside for any periods is not advised.

The rainy season poses problems of its own as when it rains it's really not possible to go anywhere that involves stepping outside.
Traffic comes to a halt, getting a taxi becomes nearly impossible and street flooding is quite likely.

Hospitals / Dentists

Some of the hospitals in Bangkok can be rated as some of the best in the world but they are private hospitals and attract a lot of people coming from abroad purely for medical treatment. The prices are not low but probably cheaper than private medical care at a western hospital.

Hospitals such as Bumrungrad, BNH and Samitivej attract wealthy people from countries that do not have the same medical standards.

There have even been reports of a very famous, petite female singer seeking plastic surgery to her bottoms at Bumrungrad and the reason for this would have been to avoid publicity and to keep the surgery secret.

Dental treatment is also very good and very reasonably priced.

In the knowledge that medical care and dentistry is so good and reasonably priced, many people choose to have some treatment before or after having a holiday.


Food & Eating Out In Bangkok

Bangkok is an absolute delight for anyone who enjoys good food. There are restaurants of all types and catering to all budgets so finding excellent food is not a problem.
When in Thailand, try to eat the local food as it is some of the best in the world but if you must have a steak, pizza or some sushi, then it's all readily available and probably just a stones throw from wherever you are staying.
The top hotels are also home to some of the best restaurants but you will pay an awful lot more for dining at a hotel restaurant then by going to an independant one.


The Oriental Hotel (now the Mandarin Oriental Hotel) was often voted as the best hotel in the world and there is still something that attracts vast numbers of visitors but it is most certainly not the only 5 star hotel in Bangkok. There are plenty of 5 star hotels and of excellent quality and with top facilities.

If 5 star is above your budget then there really is something for everyone including guest houses and serviced apartments.

For the best bang for your buck, we recommend staying at a serviced apartment where you get much larger rooms (some have a kitchen and living room for under £100 a night)

Prices for hotels are a lot less than staying at a hotel in places such as London, New York or Tokyo. Prices are creeping up but it's still very reasonable considering the quality offered.

Agoda Hotels Offer up to 75% off


Shopping is a major attraction for many people coming to Bangkok; so much so that this site started off by being a site dedicated to shopping.

Some of the malls and department stores are world class and even put shopping in places like London to shame.
Most of these malls are new, spacious, clean and cool. They offer everything for an entire day out.
Siam Paragon for instance, has Ocean World where you can view marine animals "under water". You can then do your shopping, have something to eat at one of the many, many restaurants, watch a film and even go bowling. There is also a very good supermarket. Everything is under one roof.

Movie Theatres

For movie buffs or those who enjoy going to the movies, Bangkok is a great place to enjoy the latest, English language movies. The mostly have subtitles but it's not very off-putting. The screens are large, seating comfortable and the sound second to none. In fact, many of the new malls have state of the art movie theatres as well as iMax and 3D.

Basically, Bangkok is not a 3rd world country and is totally different from other areas of Thailand where theatres are often just projected onto the side of a white wall and people in the village squat on the floor or sit on their trucks (a bit extreme as an example, but this does happen).


If you didn't know much about Bangkok before, or you didn't know where Bangkok was, we hope you do now and we hope our very brief overview gives you a clearer picture of what it's like.

In a nutshell, Bangkok, is a modern city. Getting about is easy, shopping is amazing and entertainment exceptional. The food is some of the best in the world and if you just can't bear the thought of eating out of your comfort zone, there are plenty of McDonalds, Subways, Burger King, KFC and everything else to keep you fed and happy.


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Hot March - June
Rainy July - October
Cool November - February