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Where To Buy A TV In Bangkok

Where To Buy TVs in Bangkok

TV prices in Bangkok

Best Places To Buy LED & LCD TVs

One of the most common questions we get asked is: Where is the best place to buy a TV in Bangkok

We feel we can answer this quite easily as the straight answer is: Siam Paragon Department Store.

In a nutshell, Siam Paragon has the best electrical department in Bangkok and a massive section dedicated to TVs of all sizes, brands and models.

You are quite likely to find the latest and greatest TVs on sale so make this your first port of call.

If you are looking to buy a television in Bangkok then most department stores will have an electrical department with a decent selection of LCD, LED and plasma TVs to choose from. You will be able to get the latest offerings from brands such as Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic - to name just a few.

There are other, not so well known, brands available too but if you are looking to buy a TV in Bangkok, then we assume you're looking for brand named TVs and the latest models which come with all the bells and whilstles such as hand gesture controls, Smart TV functions, in-built wi-fi and so on.

As we've already mentioned. if you are looking to buy a TV in Bangkok then go to the top floor of Siam Pargon's department store and there you can check out the latest TVs on offer. There is a dedicated Samsung shop in Siam Paragon Mall as well as a few other electrical shops such as Panasonic and Toshiba.

You can also go to Central World and look at Zen Department Store and Power Buy. You could go to Central Chidlom or even The Emporium

Samsung TVs at Siam paragon in Bangkok Sony smart TVs in Bangkok

How much are LED TVs in Bangkok ? This is not easy to answer because as soon as we add a price, it's going to change because new models come out and promotions are brought in and so on.
Model numbers for TVs sold in Thailand might differ to the model numbers used in your country.

So, what is the cost of a Samsung 3D LED TV in Bangkok as an example ?

SAMSUNG 3D 55" UA55F7100DKXX = 69,900 Baht ( as of the 27th June, 2013)

We don't really know what to compare this with but as this is roughly £1,500, it is going to best be compared with the 55" F6510 Series 6 Smart 3D Full HD LED TV

Samsung is just one of the brands available and as this is a popular brand it's the one we focused on.

Siam Paragon is a great place to buy a TV when in Bangkok and Thailand but apart from the electrical departments in the major department stores, there are individual shops dotted around. Many are in MBK and down the side of Big-C opposite Central World.

We don't recommend buying from the smaller shops unless they are dedicated brand named shops. The reason being that taking something back will not be as easy as taking it back to a department store.


top shopping malls in BangkokThe main problems will be shipping it back home and also the issue with repairs and warranties. If you can assertain whether the TV you buy will be covered by an international warranty, then you only have to worry about shipping it home and avoiding any tax on the product at customs..

We shipped some TVs back to the UK and as it was part of our personal home possessions, we did not have to pay an customs tax but shipping a single item could incur expenses.


We've bought two TVs in the past and when we got them to the UK we realised that had we bought the "same model" in the UK it would have come with an internal TV tuner and different connections.

Most UK TVs now come with a Freeview TV tuner installed internally and some still use SCART sockets although this is becoming less common with the aoption of HDMI.

Don't forget that the power supply that comes with the TV might be different to the sockets you use at home. A small issue as the plug can be changed but also think about the voltage of your power supply
Thailand's electrical voltage is 220v

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